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Top 3 Best .080 Trimmer Lines 2021

Gardening offers a broad range of benefits – mood stabilization, entertainment outside of electronics, opens doors for new friendships, education, and excitement. Independent gardeners come in all sizes, ages, races, and genders. Choose from moss, flower, vegetable, Japanese, herbal, butterfly, hummingbird, and fruit gardens.

Natural Weed Control – A Must

Ask any gardener about their most difficult challenges, most responses will be geared toward “weeds.” Without an effective strategy, your beautiful garden will become one big pile of weeds. To maintain a weed-free garden without the use of chemicals, natural weed control is a necessity. A chemical-based weedicide poses a risk to the environment, resulting in an unhealthy garden and gardener.

A natural weed control strategy will not be possible without an electricity-powered trimmer, an essential garden tool. Along with an electric trimmer, a trimmer line or string goes hand-in-hand. Without an electric trimmer, the trimmer line would be rendered useless and vice versa.

To ensure maximum weed control outcome, the right trimmer string is a necessity. What is the best trimmer line brand? Find the answers in the content provided in the content below.

Our Picks For The Best .080 Trimmer Line

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur RatingBuy here!
Anleolife .080 Trimmer Line
  • Tons of line
  • Versatile
  • Convenient

  • Maxpower .080-Inch Trimmer Line
  • Affordable
  • Made In America
  • Nylon Construction

  • Arnold .08 Trimmer Line
  • Universal
  • Polymer Materials
  • Amazing Value

  • Anleolife 1-Pound .080 Trimmer Line

    anleolife trimmer line is one of the best on the market.

    A ANLEOLIFE knows what it takes to create a durable weed eater string. The brand has really outdone itself, creating a trimmer line that can power through dense weeds, underbrush, and grass. A ANLEOLIFE Trimmer String is .080 in thickness, meaning it is thick enough to slice thick blades of grass and thick weed stalks. Contrary to belief, weed eater strings are not created equal. It is not unusual for manufacturers to skimp on quality to reduce their operational expenses. While these manufacturers may be increasing their annual profit, it is not without compromising the quality of their trimmer line.

    Cost-Efficient Design

    Gardeners generally work on a budget, without compromising their gardens. To stay on budget, premium-grade tools, equipment, and supplies are a must. Trimmer string is an additional expense for gardeners, but most do not mind because they rely on A ANLEOLIFE to help them stay on budget. How is this possible? Well, the brand’s weed eater string is constructed from durable materials like nylon 66 copolymer, which delivers the highest level of strength, power, and moisture-absorbing capabilities.

    If A ANLEOLIFE Trimmer String lasts twice as long as other brands, gardeners are guaranteed to stay on budget.

    Tons Of Line

    At the end of the day, I want to save money and get my money’s worth. I am confident that I’ll be able to achieve both goals with the A ANLEOLIFE Line. It is slightly more expensive than the others but it comes with more string. With this string, I receive a lot. With a pound of trimmer string, I know I don’t need to purchase another package soon. I know that the string is going to last a long time. I can refill the spool countless times without having to buy more. I am thrilled with the amount of trimmer line I get from this product.

    Effective Cutting Tool

    Ultimately, I don’t like carrying a pair of scissors with me. I prefer to be able to cut the line quickly and conveniently. This is why I love the A ANLEOLIFE Line. The package includes a convenient cutting tool and it works exceptionally well. I can use the tool to slice through the trimmer line quickly. I like using the cutting tool more than carrying scissors. The cutting tool works better than what I’ve found on other products. When I use this line, I know that I can cut the line to the exact size I need within seconds. It couldn’t be easier.


    One thing I like about this trimmer line is that it works great for many trimmers. If you have a trimmer, I am confident that this line will work well with it. It is great for electric and gas weed eaters. You’ll also appreciate that it is going to work with all brands. It can be used with Craftsman, Echo, Stihl, and Ryobi trimmers. Again, it’ll work with your trimmer regardless of what type or brand you have. The string is durable enough to satisfy all users.


    • This string works with all of my trimmers
    • I love that it is made of durable nylon 66 copolymere materials
    • The package includes a cool cutting tool
    • The string is efficient and convenient to use
    • It comes with plenty of trimmer line so I don’t need to buy more regularly


    • Slightly expensive but worth it

    Overall Assessment

    The A ANLEOLIFE Commercial Line is highly recommended. It comes with more string than the others and you can guarantee that it is going to last. Plus, it will work exceptionally well with your trimmer. Whether you’re using a gas or electric trimmer, this string will work. It is compatible with many brands, including Echo, Ryobi, Stihl, and others. It will work great with your trimmer. Ultimately, this string is the best 0.080 trimmer line I have found so I would recommend it to anyone.

    Maxpower 333180 .080-Inch Trimmer Line

    maxpower .080 trimmer line one of the best and most durable on the market

    Maxpower 333180 is an affordable option for consumers on a budget. If you are willing to buy bulk, you can save even more money with Maxpower’s quality trimmer string. There is no doubt, weeding is a continuous process throughout the summer season. With Maxpower 33180, the time normally spent on weeding will be slashed by at least a quarter.

    Nylon Construction

    Maxpower utilizes top-notch nylon materials for the construction of its 33180 Weed Eater Line. Nylon offers a high level of durability, resulting in slightly longer service life. Just because the 33180 is a budget trimmer line, does not mean Manpower skimped on materials. No, the line is both affordable and durable.

    Gardeners start germinating seeds in late spring, in an attempt to avoid future frosts. Even if a frost gets some of your plants, the weeds will thrive. Work in your garden all day, go to bed, and wake up with weeds everywhere. Of course, it never happens turns out this way, but weeds are a major pain in the butt for all gardeners.

    Manufactured In America

    Over the decades, America’s manufacturing industry has dwindled down to only a few facilities. Buying American-made products is important to consumers because it provides more financial support to the national economy. Then, there is quality. Products produced in America are high-quality like Maxpower 33180 Trimmer Line.


    • Affordable, without compromising quality
    • Durable nylon construction
    • Bulk options
    • Manufactured in US facility
    • A great alternative to major brands


    • Limited to residential use

    Overall Assessment

    If you are looking for a budget weed eater string, look no further than Maxpower 333880. This trimmer string was manufactured with the budget in mind. Great quality and still affordable, not often utilized to describe products.

    Arnold Maxi-Edge 0.08-Inch Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

    arnold maxi edge is one of the cheaper yet durable options you can find in terms of a .080 trimmer line

    I am confident that most people are going to line the Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line because it is inexpensive and reliable. Since it is 0.08”, you can guarantee that it is going to cut through thick grass and weeds. Plus, it should be able to withstand some abuse. Even if it hits rocks or concrete, I don’t have to worry about it breaking. I also appreciate that this line is universal so it’ll work well for an assortment of trimmers. Whether you have a gas-powered or electric trimmer, this one should work with your weed eater.

    Plenty Of String

    I don’t want to purchase string multiple times each month. Instead, I want it to last a while. To ensure that this is going to happen, I try to purchase a lot of string at once. This string is great in this category because it comes with 140-foot of string. The company says that this will be enough for 7 refills. Either way, I can say from experience that this string lasts a long time. Once I’ve purchased it, I won’t need to worry about buying more for a few months.

    Convenient Cutting Tool

    With some string products, I have to have a pair of scissors or cutters. Unfortunately, this is inconvenient. I want to cut the string and begin using it quickly. As a result, I want a good string product that includes a cutting tool. This is another reason I like the Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Grade Trimmer Line. The package includes a cutting tool and it’ll make my life a lot easier. I don’t need to worry about carrying scissors with me. Instead, I’ll have everything I need to cut and use this string.


    I like having multiple tools. I tend to use a gas-powered trimmer when cutting through thick grass. Otherwise, I’ll use a battery-powered trimmer. Suffice to say, I need a reliable string that is going to work well with both trimmers. I like the Arnold Maxi-Edge String because it is compatible with many trimmers. It works exceptionally well in my electric trimmer and my gas trimmer. As long as your trimmer supports a 0.08 trimmer line, I am confident that this string will be a good choice for you. Another great thing is that this trimmer string works well for curved and straight trimmers.

    Polymer Materials

    Take note that this string uses a durable polymer material. It is very tough. The only thing to remember is that it has multiple sides. Therefore, it isn’t going to be as durable as a twisted string. Nevertheless, the polymer material is impressive. I can use this string for a long time without needing more. When cutting a small yard, I rarely have to tap the head on the ground more than once or twice. As a result, I am confident that this string is going to last a long time.

    Great Value

    Finally, I can say that the Arnold Maxi-Edge is an outstanding value for the price. I generally don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing trimmer string. I’d rather spend more money on a trimmer and less on the string. This is one of the main reasons I decided to experiment with the Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Grade Line. I am glad I did. The string comes with a 140-foot of line. For the price, it is very efficient.


    • I like that the string comes with a 140-foot of line
    • It should be enough for 7 refills
    • The package includes a convenient cutting tool
    • The polymer material is very tough
    • The line is easy to string and use


    • It breaks easily around rocks and concrete

    Overall Assessment

    I am confident that a lot of people are going to like the Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line. It is inexpensive, but it comes with a lot of string. Plus, it is 0.080” in diameter so I can use it to slice through thick weeds and grass. The string isn’t perfect since it often breaks around rocks and concrete. However, it is more durable than other strings I’ve used. Although it isn’t the best .080 trimmer line I’ve found, it is still a good choice.

    .080 Trimmer String Buying Guide

    When purchasing a new trimmer string for your weed eater, it is pertinent to get the right string. You don’t want to buy strings that won’t work with your trimmer. Plus, you need a string that is thick and durable enough to slice through tough weeds and grass. Use the tips below to ensure that you get the best string for your needs.


    First and foremost, you need to pick the toughest trimmer string you can find. Remember that the string is going to take a beating when you’re slicing through grass and weeds. There is always a risk that you’re going to hit rocks and concrete. If this happens, a weak string will break immediately. If you have a tougher string, it should be able to withstand the abuse. The durability of the string may depend on the material used to make it. More about this will be provided below.


    Ultimately, you’ll need to pay close attention to the weed eater string. It’ll make a huge difference in the long run because it can help determine the durability of the string. Most string options are made using hardened monofilament nylon. If you buy an ordinary string, you’re going to get this type of string since it is the industry standard. However, there are better materials available today. For instance, you can purchase reinforced composite. It is more resistant to breakage. You can also find a string that has aluminum embedded into the nylon.

    Be sure to consider all of your options until you find what works well for you.


    Don’t forget to consider the shape of the string. There are plenty of options here. You’ll find that the string’s shape will impact its durability, cost, and cutting performance.

    • Round – Round string is a good choice for many since it is inexpensive, durable, and easy to add to the trimmer. Round string works exceptionally well for cutting laws with mostly grass and a few weeds. The only downside is that round string will have a higher risk of overheating and welding together when it is used around concrete and fences.
    • Multi-Sided – Multi-sided string works great for cutting through thick grass and weeds. Since it has sharper edges, it can leave a clean, precise cut. Sadly, the multi-sided string is more likely to break when used around hard surfaces. If you’re going to be cutting around concrete and other hard materials, it is best to avoid this string.
    • Twisted – Finally, you have the option of purchasing a twisted string. It can slice through thick weeds while maintaining a clean, precise cut. Plus, it is more durable than the alternatives. It works well around hard surfaces. Another thing about the twisted string is that it has less air resistance so it is quiet compared to the others. If you need to be quiet, it is a good idea to use a twisted string with an electric or battery-powered trimmer.

    Line Size

    Finally, you’ll need to pay close attention to the size of the string. If you want the most durable string, you’ll want a thicker line. The only potential con is that thicker string is going to cost a bit more. Either way, you’ll need to make sure that your line is going to work well with your trimmer. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations because they’ll tell you what string will work well with your trimmer. Don’t purchase a string that is too big or too small because it won’t work well with your trimmer. In fact, it might not work at all.


    Choosing the right string for your weed eater will make a huge difference in the long run. Otherwise, you’re going to experience issues. The string might not be thick enough to cut through tough grass. Alternatively, it might not fit your weed eater. It is pertinent to use the advice provided above to guarantee that you get the best string. Buy the best 080 weed eater string and you’ll be able to slice through thick grass without any issues.


    What Size Weed Eater String Do I Need?

    When purchasing weed eater string, it is pertinent to get the right perfect size. How can you be positive that you’re choosing the best size for your weed eater? First, you have to pick a string that will work with your weed eater. Each appliance has recommendations. Don’t exceed this or the string won’t work with your weed eater.

    Which String Works Best For Heavy Grass?

    If you’re going to be cutting heavy grass, you’ll want to choose a bigger string. In general, 0.11 or higher is better for this purpose. A bigger string will be able to cut through grass easily. Other good options include 0.085 to 0.105. Either way, a bigger string is better for cutting thicker grass. Depending on your needs, the best .08 trimmer line might work great for you.

    How Do I Replace Weed Trimmer String?

    Once you’re purchased a new string, you’ll need to add it to your weed eater. Doing so shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll need to start by removing the spool. There should be two buttons near the top of the head. Push the buttons and pull the spool out. Then, you need to place one end of the string in the notch on the spool. Once you’ve done that, you can wind the string in the proper direction. Be sure to snap it into place before installing the pool.

    What Is The Difference Between .080 And .095 Trimmer Line?

    In general, the string is different due to its size. Ultimately, this is the only difference. If you’re going to buy a 0.080 trimmer line, it’ll work well for thin grass and weeds. If you need to cut through thicker grass, you’ll want to upgrade to the 0.095 trimmer line.


    Although there are many options to choose from for the best .080 trimmer line, we believe that the options we’ve picked are some of the best you can find on the market!