Top 5 Best Bamboo Fences! Buyer Guide 2021

Would you like to turn your patio, garden, or your yard into an exotic paradise? Designing your spaces with bamboo fencing can be a very attractive and very exciting way to live.

The bamboo fencing comes laden in beautiful rolls. If you’re looking to cover your existing walls the bamboo fencing is just the right blend you need. They are great to create privacy between your yard and your neighbors and they are also ideal in the home. It’s just one more reason to invest in a fence that is affordable, easy to install and most of all make you live closer to nature.

Today, there are different brands of this fencing in the market and it could be quite confusing to choose the best amongst them. This guide will help you do that. listed below are the best bamboo fencing panels or roll you can get on the market with quality and durability!

For this review, here are our top pick for best bamboo fencing for 2020

5 Best Bamboo Fencing For 2020

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur RatingBuy here!
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy To Install
  • Termite Resistant
  • Natural look
  • More privacy
  • Corrosion safe
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Premium
  • Natural Look
  • 100% Natural
  • Weather resistance
  • Flexible
  • Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing 

    The Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing provides a unique, and elegant solution to protecting your patio’s privacy. Made from a high-quality Premium Grade reed, Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing is an inviting addition to any outdoor patio that is looking to impress. 

    These fencings provide a fun addition that can provide privacy, protect patio furniture and wall coverings, and can be drawn back when not in use. Using a UV treated fabric, they are durably built and will withstand seasons of abuse.

    If you want to enhance the look of your patio with modern elegance. These reeds are the way to go and are a surefire way to stand out. 

    They are eco-friendly and most ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can either stand-alone or hang on a beam as a wall cover. 

    The Forever bamboo reed fencing measures 6ft in Height by 16ft in length. Can easily be cut to any length that will blend with your garden or patio.

    The fencing is made from 100% natural reed bamboo that makes a good option in enhancing and giving your patio, garden, and yard the privacy it deserves. 

    Besides, the natural color of these bamboos gives your fencing perfect blend with your garden setting.

    Because of its easy setup, many nature lovers are turning over to using the forever bamboo reed fencing as it just needs a simple attachment to the fence using simple staples and ties.

    The premium quality fencing is UV resistant and is made to withstand intense harsh sun rays. The materials are very light and give a breathability option when the sun is emitting intense heat. 

    The premium reeds are sturdy and well connected by vinyl coated wire so it will not cause problems, falling off or flapping at the slightest breeze. The option to create a natural tropical theme on your garden and yard makes it an added reason to enjoy your outdoors with a sure style to please.

    This is one bamboo peeled that is ideal when used as a privacy divider, used as garden borders, pool fences, and also a very good option for wall covering. Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing is one of the few least susceptible to rain and because of their design, it can weather through harsh climate than many other types of fencing materials. So if you want to bring back life to your garden this Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing is just made right for you.


    • Made with premium-grade reeds
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor life
    • Can easily be adjusted to right height and dimension
    • Connected by sturdy Vinyl coated wire
    • Ideal for privacy divider, pool fences, wall covers and garden borders
    • Very affordable
    • Very lightweight


    • Very sturdy
    • Very cheap
    • Premium quality
    • Durable
    • Eco friendly


    • Bamboo might lightly split after some use

    Gardman R649 Bamboo Fencing

    The Gardman R649 bamboo fencing is made with 100% natural reed that makes it ideal in covering an unsightly area and enhancing your decks, yards, and garden. The natural look of this fence perfectly blends with any home setting.

    This Gardman R649 fencing uses pergolas and arbors to filter sunlight creating a well-shaded area underneath. It’s ideal for Japanese gardens. This bamboo fencing is durable and very easy to install.

    This fence is very safe and private. It’s constructed with wires between the poles that are covered with bamboo sections. There are spaces between the poles that allow you to see properly through your garden.

    This bamboo fencing has been proved to be a wonderful find for many. It also serves a good deterrent for raised row garden. This bamboo fencing is made of natural, renewable, and eco-friendly bamboo material. It’s constructed with a privacy screen that serves as a standalone fence.

    The Natural Bamboo fencing is a multi-purpose fence that can be used as both outdoor and indoor décor and It measures 13′ Long x 5′ High covering your unsightly chain fence. With this bamboo fencing, you’ll get the tropical feel in your garden. The fence works best in decorating backyards, den, decks, and tiki bar.

    This Natural Bamboo fencing is made with reeds that are woven together with wire. The fencing can be attached perfectly to the existing fence. Even though it might look flimsy, it’s very durable, and its wood is resistant to termites.

    You just have to attach it upright using staples or ties. The galvanized wires banded on it enhance its durability. This bamboo fencing model brings life back to your garden.


    • Used for fencing or screening
    • Natural look with any setting
    • galvanized wire for durability
    • ideal for indoor and outdoor
    • easy to install very safe and private
    • Eco friendly


    • Very affordable
    • Easy installation
    • Durable
    • Termite resistant


    • looks flimsy
    • limited colors

    Mininfa Natural Rolled Willow Fence

    Made with natural grade bamboo, the Mininfa natural rolled willow fencing is the right kind of fencing for people looking for sturdy, durable, and hard to break fencing material. 

    With just simple colors to choose from; matching it with the aesthetic of any patio color scheme is easy. It comes in approx 1/4″ Thick, 4 ft High x 13 ft Long. making it a good willow fence with added security. 

    The Mininfa natural bamboo fencing allows great breathability and allows enough light to ensure your patio doesn’t feel cramped or cave-like. You won’t be disappointed in the quality or the customer service that Mininfa provides its users.

    The eco-friendly material provides a secure way to live closer to nature as the bamboo fence is more tightly wired together which will give more privacy for homeowners. With many different options for its use including privacy screens, willow garden fences, the willow border fences are ideal to create more privacy for you, it also can be used for any other decorative purpose, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    it is easy to match to existing patio color schemes and the willow are hand-selected and hand treated. This means, Using this natural willow fence, it can transform your garden into a sunny and small tropical paradise!

    Installation is also easiest – No assembly required. 

    Each willow screening is held together by galvanized steel wires, which is corrosion protected, insulation, strong and durable material. so the wires won’t easily be destroyed and the willows won’t constantly slip out of the galvanized steel wires.

    The natural rolled willow is also one of the most breathable fences on the market. This breathability will be welcome in hotter environments and the natural colors deflect sunlight and glare. Moreso, this breathability comes even at a cheaper cost, as the opacity of this privacy divider is rather semi-transparent.

    The UV resistant material means that this privacy fence will have a long lifespan even when permanently installed and resists degrading from UV exposure. The knitted premium bamboo roll design means that the fence won’t lose its shape, stretch, or sag over time.


    • Made from premium quality willow bamboo
    • More wire for tight woven
    • Approx 1/4″ Thick, 4 ft High x 13 ft Long
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • used for any other decorative purpose
    • No assembly required for installation
    • natural willow fence


    • Eco friendly
    • More privacy
    • Easy to install
    • Corrosion protection
    • Affordable
    • Durable 


    Master Garden Tonkin Bamboo Fence

    If you’re looking for elegance and ease of use the Master Garden Tonkin Bamboo Fence is a good option to choose. It offers users the right shade needed for a serene yard and helps to block out the light breeze and the intense sunray and give your patio that inviting look.

    Master Garden Tonkin Bamboo Fence can be extended to a long reach up to 20ft of other retractable screens. This bamboo fencing gives your patio a modern look and uses quality durable materials which is rot resistant. The durable bamboo material is breathable and waterproof and it can be easily cleaned with just water and soap.

    While it is incredibly breathable, it offered incredible opacity and provide exceptional privacy when extended. When not in use, the ability to store this privacy screen indoors is a huge bonus. This means that life can be extended and is easy to remove. 

    The thick-walled bamboo poles are drilled and strung on heavy galvanized wire, so the wire appears invisible while the nylon coated heavy galvanized wire will not rust in the outdoors. The bamboo poles used in our fences are cleaned and processed with a coat of natural bamboo oil for protection.


    • Has a long extended reach
    • Ideal for patio, garden and yard beautification
    • breathable
    • waterproof
    • rot resistant
    • exceptional privacy
    • Woven by black nylon coated wire


    • very affordable
    • unique natural look
    • easy to install
    • durable
    • eco friendly
    • Premium quality


    • limited color

    MGP SBF-94 Bamboo Slat Rolled Fence

    Are you looking for the best Bamboo fencing to help decorate your garden? If so, buy the MGP SBF-94 Bamboo Slat Rolled Fence. This Bamboo fencing is designed with little spacing between its poles that gives it a sense of privacy.

    The MGP SBF-94 Bamboo Slat Rolled Fence is cut into 14’L x 4’H dimensions giving your garden an amazingly natural look. Each piece of this slat Bamboo is woven together with nylon coated wires. The Black nylon wires are what enhance its natural look. 

    You can use this bamboo fencing to conceal your chain link fence or any area in your yard that needs privacy.

    Buying this bamboo fencing allows you to use it in many ways. It can be used to panel inside or outside your home. The rolled fencing is excellent when used in kids’ rooms, tradeshows, and decorations of themed parties.

    Another amazing thing about this bamboo fencing is that its pocket-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about installation as it’s very easy. They can be used in covering unattractive areas like heating units, air conditioning units, and trash receptacles.

    Unlike other split bamboo with bare metals that expose it rusting, this MG Bamboo Slat Rolled Fence is woven by nylon coated wires. 

    This fencing comes in a unique color, thus making it the most striking and gorgeous bamboo fencing on the market. This Bamboo Slat Rolled fencing is ½ inches wide. They come in a packed roll that enhances convenience when it comes to setting up and shipping. Its semi-opaque feature gives you the privacy you’re yearning for.

    The fence comes in beautiful yellow, and It’s made with high quality and premium bamboo that help enhance the perimeter of your home.

    The Natural Rolled fencing can serve as the best alternative to the traditional wood fencing. It’s very easy to install. The fence comes with high-grade galvanized wires that are inserted between its poles.


    •  Semi-opaque
    • Made with 100% natural bamboo
    • Very flexible
    • Weather resistance
    • Unique natural look


    • Very affordable
    • Used inside or outside
    • Ideal for a decorative themed party
    • Privacy enables
    • Binding wires are invincible
    • Very easy to install


    • Limited color

    Benefits Of Bamboo Plants!

    Just before we get right into what you need to look for while searching for the best bamboo fencing to turn your yard into an exquisite private paradise, here are some few features you need to know about bamboo plants.

    The bamboo fencing is one of the best cost-effective fencing designs you can use for your backyard or garden? 

    This special weed plant is a very strong outdoor wood that can withstand harsh weather conditions and remain intact. Unlike most people thought bamboos are quite different from wood as bamboos are derived from a special weed plant.

    Another misconception of bamboo is that it is not as strong as wood although it does look like wood the truth is, bamboo plants are quite stronger than woods and if you’re looking to have a fantastic fence that is made special plant so it can last you for a long time, the bamboo plant is one of your best option available.

    Most fencing is made with materials that will probably last for some time and start decaying – which is what many homeowners try as much to avoid. Using the bamboo material on your fence will give you that extra assurance that the fence will not rot because bamboo can last for decades before showing any sign of weakness. 

    Compared to some popular wood used for furniture like the Cedar that can only last for a few years, the bamboo can keep and maintain the elegance of your home for many years without any sign of rotting.

    Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bamboo Fencing – Buyer Guide

    If you are considering buying bamboo fencing to beautify your house or garden, there are certain basic factors you need to weigh out before picking the best bamboo fencing. Here are the factors to consider 

    Do You Need A Big Bamboo Fence?

    Asking yourself how big you want your bamboo fence to look so it adds more beauty to your home is one of the very first questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the best bamboo fencing to turn your home into a small paradise. 

    And the best way to know if you will need a small bamboo fencing or a big bamboo fencing is to have an experienced landscaper to measure the exact area you want to fence. This way, you will have a good idea of what to look for when you buy bamboo fencing.

    If you have a big yard then you will have to look for a big bamboo fence that can stretch through the area and the same for people with small backyards; the small bamboo fencing will be just the right option.

    Nevertheless, what matters most when choosing the best bamboo fencing is the size of your yard so that you can buy the right bamboo fence.

    How High Should The Fence Be?

    This is also a very important consideration in choosing the right bamboo fencing for your yard. For instance, for people who love the privacy and wouldn’t want 

    people looking into the yard, a high fence is required. At least it should be up as high as seven feet tall and if you are the type that doesn’t get bothered about privacy and you want to have a nice view of everywhere, then choosing a fence that is five or six feet high will be ideal.

    However, what you need to consider while buying the bamboo fence is that the bigger and higher the fences are the more expensive they are going to cost. Although this is not always the case because sometimes, you hardly notice the price difference between them all. 

    Again, it can be attributed to the fact that bamboo materials are very cheap, so you don’t need to worry too much about the cost.

    How Thick Should The Fence Be?

    There are so many bamboo fencing that comes very thin especially the roll-away bamboo fences and also there are some that are quite thick and dense. The thick and dense are very sturdy and durable while the thin bamboos are quite easier to manage and setup and looking at both aesthetics, they both have distinct qualities that make them very beneficial to the environment.

    Any Special Bamboo Color?

    Bamboo comes in different colors and some are very specific to some parts of the world, for instance, bamboo from Asia. And while this bamboo is remote to a particular place, it can add up to the cost because of its uniqueness which is one reason why some bamboos with specific colors come a little bit more expensive than others.


    How long do bamboo fences last?

    Because the bamboo is a very durable material and the wood is termite resistance, and if well looked after, a bamboo fencing can last up to two decades and even more

    Is bamboo fencing cheaper than wood?

    If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, the bamboo fences cost much less than the wood fences and they are way much more attractive than the wood types

    Is bamboo fencing waterproof?

    Yes, bamboo fencing is ideal for every weather condition, it is resistant to snow, rain, excessive heat including UV rays, so if you’re looking for that fencing material that can give your garden that aesthetic and exotic look, the bamboo fencing is just right.

    Does bamboo rot in the ground?

    The bamboo is a natural rot and pest resistant and therefore if the bamboo is placed above the ground, it will last for decades without showing any signs of weakness, however, if the bamboo is put into the ground, it can last up to 2 years but only the position placed in the ground will rot.

    How do you weatherproof bamboo?

    There are many products out there you can use to weatherproof the bamboo fencing. Nevertheless, the bamboo fencing will weather through any harsh climatic condition but applying weatherproof products like tung oil which is a water sealant or a polyurethane can give the fence a better glow of color.


    No doubt using the best bamboo fencing on your garden can change the way your garden looks and by following this guide, you will know what exactly to look out for when shopping for a bamboo fence for yourself.