Top 5 Best Brush Cutters For Small Trees – 2021

Do you have dense vegetation or some kinds of thick grass growing in your backyard, your patio, or anywhere around your area and you’re looking for that indispensable tool that goes way beyond what a weed whacker or lawnmower can actually do? The brush cutter for small trees can do wonders for your garden.

It’s quite annoying when your garden hedge aesthetic is gradually turning into small trees and shrubs and then turning your once beautiful backyard to something of a wasteland. Be that as it may that the brush cutter is an indispensable garden tool to own, you still need to be careful about how to use it effectively to manage your landscape. 

At times, the machine can cause injury to users if it’s not properly handled or it can stop working if destructive materials bind around its blade. These are just some of the few drawbacks you normally encounter with a brush cutter and this happens only to users who have no prior experience with using this garden tool. 

So if you are set to keep your backyard from turning into a wasteland and you’re looking for the perfect brush cutter that can trim and clear vegetation that lawnmowers and weed eaters can’t cut, here are 5 best brush cutters for small trees that will do your garden a whole lot of good.

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur RatingBuy here!
  • Easy to convert
  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Cheaper
  • Uses pre-mixed fuel
  • Easy to start
  • Good for thick weeds
  • Cleans harder areas
  • Easy installation
  • Easy for new users
  • Convenient design
  • No authorized dealers for USA
  • Air purge system
  • Grass blades
  • Works with different sizes
  • Poulan Pro 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

    If you’re looking for a trimmer with many features to trim your lawn without the frustrating sound that is common with many brush cutters, the Poulan Pro 2-cycle gas shaft trimmer easily comes to mind. 

    The tool is specially built to respond to push buttons for a start and also ensures that you don’t have to use any annoying pull-cord. 

    With its simple Pull string assisted starter technology, you will be able to start the machine with less cord pulls. That is much convenient because you will be able to work without any difficulties

    It has a dual-line feed that ensures you get great cutting results and It’s designed for people who prefer a harm-free emission environment which makes it amongst the user-friendly brush cutter on the market

    Its Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery delivers a combination of performance, power, and more excellent runtime than any other string trimmers minus the associated noise, cord, and fumes in other trimmers. 

    This tool comes in a high-efficiency brushless motor and a low vibrating cutting with increased torque for better and quieter operations. Ideal for small or medium-sized lawns the Poulan Pro is specifically designed to provide you a combination of excellent control and comfort.


    • Easy to put together and use
    • easily convert from trimmer to other attachments 
    • Powerful weed trimmer
    • Ideal for heavy duties
    • Comfortable for all users


    • Could be very heavy to carry

    Remington Ranchero Straight Shaft Gas Powered Brushcutter and String Trimmer

    There are lots of lightweight brush cutters out there on the market, but the Ranchero stands a difference amongst them all. This simple machine features a superb lightweight design that has made it a favorite among tools used for cutting thick grasses and overgrown weeds.

    The tool is designed with a high-speed two-stroke engine and an exclusive quick start technology which helps the machine to start flawlessly. It also runs instantly and generates enough power to take care of medium or large lawns and backyards. The tool engine comes with a fitted full crank to make the brush cutter last for a very long time. With its straight shaft feature, it offers users comfort, durability, and ease of use.

    The Ranchero brush mower can easily be converted to a high-performance string trimmer, a blow cultivator, a hole saw edger, and much more.

    Thanks to Remington plus technology the impressive capability is cost-effective as you wouldn’t need additional tools for your garden need because it comes with the necessary attachments that a premium brush cutter offers and at an affordable price. This troy built gas brush cutter including its jumpstart technology fitted with the 2-cycle full crank engine is built for heavy-duty work and can cut through dense weeds without a difficulty.


    • Cheap and affordable at the current price point
    • Can be used with pre-mixed fuel
    • Easy to start
    • Works perfectly as a weedeater


    • Top housing occasionally gets hot after intense use
    • The J-handle is not particularly comfortable

    Ryobi 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter

    If you need a brush cutting tool that will deliver all the power you need to maintain your small lawn or yard and still cut through thick grass and vegetation with ease. The all-powerful eco-friendly designed Ryobi brush cutter should be a top contender. 

    The machine engine boasts of an impressive power of about 1,000-watt motor to ensure truly awesome performance under extremely quiet operation. Ryobi is fitted with a durable 15-inch string head and an extremely sharp sword blade that can easily shatter tall and thick weeds without the hassle of oil and gas mixing, fueling, or constantly having to charge the batteries.

     It includes a comfortable ergonomic hand grip which ensures your gardening activities to flow flawlessly with so much ease and convenience.

    The Ryobi machine is also specially designed with overheating protection which provides safe operation and will automatically shut off the motor in case of overheating.


    • Easy to install
    • Ideal for thick weeds
    • straight shaft to clean hard areas


    • The stop switch might stop working if not properly maintained

    Choose the Ryobi cutter if your lawn or garden needs a machine that comes with a comfortable ergonomic handgrip and eco-friendly design to provide you with easy gardening chores.

    TimberPro Heavy Duty Split Strimmer and Brush Cutter with 3 Blades

    Are you looking for a versatile tool to trim around your garden and do some heavy cutting on your brambles and thick grasses? The timber Pro heavy-duty brush cutter is one tool that is ideal for professional users as well as for new users.

    What sets this tool apart from other models is the incredibly powerful gasoline engine which comes with a 52 cubic centimeters displacement – allowing you to trim grass and soft thick trunks of bushes.

    It’s an ideal model both for light and heavy trimming tasks around a yard or a garden and it offers unmatched performance and functionalities. This garden weed cutter is packed with a variety of additional accessories:

     The timber pro is supplied with a dual-line trimmer and three high-quality brush cutter blades for cutting various types of material from deck weeds to brambles and roots.

    The handset performs both trimming and mowing functions along with exceptional multi-functionality 

    The machine also offers great usability with a complete hand jug for hassle-free oil and gas mixing and an adjustable harness for convenient ergonomic handles for comfortable and easy use.


    • Conveniently designed swift shaft
    • High powered and durable engine
    • Easy to use
    • New users friendly


    • No authorized agent centers in the US
    • No full part lists

    So, if you’re sure you can handle a simple and easy to assemble garden tool, you can order for your heavy-duty TimberPro brush cutter and try it out yourself today

    Husqvarna gas brush cutter 

    The Husqvarna Gas Brushcutter is a great tool to have in maintaining your lawn, patio, or anywhere around your garden. 

    The garden tool stands out for a great combo of ultra-lightweight design and impressively high performance with a reliable and durable engine that can go as fast as 8,000 rotations per minute. If you are looking for a tool that will easily clear weeds on bumpy terrains and places that is beyond the reach of a lawnmower the Husqvarna Gas Brushcutter is just the right tool for the job.

    Boasting of a lower level of fume emission probably because of the mix of gas and oil, the engine low beam system reduces the engine vibration during intense use which makes it an environmentally friendly garden tool.

    The machine smart start button ensures easy and flawless sangen start while the trigger lock alt option prevents it from accidental launch. in addition, the stop switch returns automatically to its home position and allows you to easily turn your cutter on after it has switched off.

    The tool is fitted with the solid metal blade and durable straying line making it very easy to tackle both heavy and light vegetation with ease.


    • Easy to start due to air purge system
    • Works well with different blade sizes
    • Easily cut through tall grasses
    • Comes with grass blades


    • A bit tricky to assemble
    • Blade guard can come loose sometimes

    So, if you’re looking for that ultra-lightweight designed engine with a pure performance that can easily clear weeds from bumpy terrain, and make gardening life easier and enjoyable, This tool will do the trick.

    How To Choose The Best Brush Cutter For Small Trees – Buying Guide 2020

    The brush cutter is an important tool to have at home if you’re living in a yard that is grass planted. The cutter is capable of handling heavy-duty outdoor activities of maintaining your lawn and landscaping especially in areas where the truck mowers cannot get to.

    If you are set to purchase your brush cutter there are lots of features that you need to look out for to help you make a great buy; your machine works as you want it and also lasts you for a long time. For instance, if it’s your first time using a brush cutter, you need to buy one that comes with high torque and doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy if you have a big project to work on. 

    Here are a few important considerations that might add up to choosing the best tool to work your overgrown yard:

    Your Budget

    There are different types of brush cutters out there on the market, Checking any retail shops will show different models and different manufacturers and different price tags. As much as these tools look great to buy and try out, you need to first make sure that your budget covers the one that you know will suit your purpose the best. 

    Of course, some brands come more expensive than others, but do you have the budget for such brands, and will they serve the purpose for what you need them for. So before putting down your hard-earned money to buy a brush cutter, make sure the tool is not too expensive and that it has all the features to satisfy your garden activities.

    Your Purpose

    What do you need a brush cutter for? are you planning using the tool on a small yard with thin grasses? if that is the case, then the brush cutter might not 

    be your best option, However, if you need to cut down overgrown areas of heavy grasses, small trees and you need to do this regularly sure, you can opt for a brush cutter to help you do all these with ease. But if its just a one time fix of trimming your backyard, you can as well go renting than buying a new one.

    For professional users, it is ideal to choose a brush cutter that is durable and will last for a long time which makes it even better suited for your type of work. For instance, the Husqvarna 500-models is specially built for long service life, lightweight, and is easy to use on long working days.

    Which size should I pick?

    If you’re using the brushcutter for commercial intent, it means you need the right size to make the job more comfortable rather than just picking the best brand. 

    For instance, choosing the best brand with a strong engine is sometimes not the way to go as the engine might be heavy and can cause fatigue when working for longer hours and this will surely make you ineffective.

    However, as a professional brush cutter, you may need to choose between different types of brush cutters, for this instance, choosing a lighter tool with a strong engine will make your job easier and you can work for a longer time period.

    How easy is it to use?

    Brushcutters can come in different sizes and also different blades. If you’re going to use a brush cutter to manage your backyard, make sure that the one you buy will be easier to change the blades. The blades must be very easy to change because you will need to change them again and again when you need to use it for something else apart from the thick grasses. Also, make sure the line is easy to change especially when you’re using a trimmer head.


    When Is The Best Time To Use A Brush Cutter?

    There is no actual best time to use the cutter. However, the right time to use this tool is when your backyard is overgrown with weeds and it seems your lawn has long been neglected. This is the right time to bring out this tool to cut the grass growing under trees where rocks and other hard objects can damage your ordinary mower.

    What Can I Use A Brushcutter To Cut?

    You can use the brushcutter to cut down almost any small tree in your backyard and they are excellent tools on thick grasses; grasses that are taller than 6″ – 8″ weed, shrubs, woody materials like stalks, and brush. Most of the time, a brushcutter can easily cut woody materials of a diameter between 1′-2′ anything thicker than this will require a chain saw to cut.

    The Usefulness Of A Brush Mower

    The positive side of brush cutters is that it can easily handle thick, tall grasses without bogging down and in a very short period of time. The cutting deck of a brush cutter is quite different from that of a finishing mower. While the average lawn mower deck is 21| wide, the brush cutter deck ranges from 24″ to 26″ and this gives the brush mower a big advantage to cut down small trees and thick tall grasses.

    The Poulan Pro weed eater deck is about this 26″ size and it has one of the widest decks on the market.

    Moreso, brushcutters are specially made to withstand rough terrain and also handle thicker and denser materials when put side by side with a lawn mower. The brush mowers have more powerful engines of about 8-15 horsepower, well-designed pneumatic tyres with thicker and more lasting blade spindles with a cutting deck that is made with pure heavy-duty steel.

    Difference Between Brushcutter And a Lawn Trimmer

    There is not much difference between the two garden devices as both are very similar in structure and parts. However, that is not to say that there is no difference between the two of them. 

    While the lawn trimmer which is referred to as string trimmer or strimmer gives a perfect finishing touch to your lawn – ie keeps your lawn edges neat, a brushcutter, on the other hand, is a more powerful machine that can handle even the densest area of thick vegetation, weeds, and rough grasses. 

    Also, you will (in most cases) a harness for a brushcutter to make the tool stable and less tiring during intense working periods.

    What are some tips for brush cutting?

    Working with your brush cutter can be quite an experience if you’ve not used it before and it’s not the same experience with using a lawn mower. With a brush cutter, your working clothes need to be cut out for mowing and these should include the gloves, the harness, plus the safety goggles. 

    At times, the area you want to cut might be overgrown and covered with taller grass which can make it quite difficult to see what is in the vegetation. To make a successful job in this type of area, you should first clear away objects that might accidentally injure you or clear away objects that can damage the machine. 

    For instance, if a vehicle is parked in the vegetation or you have debris like woods, stumps, metals debris, and large rocks – make sure these objects are cleared out first before starting to cut the grass. 

    However, if these objects cannot be moved away, you could mark the areas these objects are stationed with a neon tape, a flag, or something of a bright color that will help you identify from distance the spots these objects are.

    In Conclusion

    All the brushcutters under review were thoroughly researched and they are the best brush cutters for small trees that have the best ratings and users reviews, of course, one or two of them had its shortcomings which is normal for every brushcutter yet, these were carefully selected to serve their purpose which is to help you clear your overgrown yards and turn your compound into a clean and well-kept place.

    Although cutters can come in electric or battery driven forms, what users mostly care about is how durable, the overall power and how easy these tools can be handled specially in the hands of a new user. And the most appreciated amongst them are the ones with the gas-powered 2-cycle engines.

    However, after weight all the pros and cons including the features of these brush cutters, it’s quite obvious that all the tools listed above are fantastic and will serve their purpose as described in this review but again I think the Husqvarna Gas Brushcutter is still a heads up against others because it’s a bit lighter than the rest and its suitable, especially for people with a smaller frame and the tool, can power through thick grass and small trees. The tool also comes with multiple attachments that are suitable for every kind of garden activity.

    Therefore, if you have been looking for a brushcutter to cut down small trees in your yard or you’re looking for one that fits your frame and is very light to carry around, this guide should help you get the right one. Just remember that a well-designed brushcutter does not mean a highly efficient tool, for a tool to be considered as efficient, it must be of high torque, eco-friendly and must be rugged to work for long hours almost regularly without breaking down.