most powerful leaf blowers that you can find on the market.

Top 10 Most Powerful Leaf Blowers – Buying Guide 2021

Before, it was hard to get rid of dried leaves. The only cleaning materials available were rakes and brooms. With the inconvenience and trouble from traditional tools, leaf blowers have been developed and manufactured. Unlike brooms and rakes, modern options provide many possibilities. They streamline the cleaning process, help you complete any job within a short period, level up the beauty of your lawn, and clean hard-to-reach places. 

If you don’t have one, it’s time to look for the best leaf blower. The number of options, however, is overwhelming to handle. Don’t worry! In this article, you will know the most powerful leaf blowers in today’s market. You will also be familiar with the factors to consider when purchasing the same equipment. Read on for more information! 

Top 10 Best Leaf Blowers 

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur RatingBuy here!
  • Extremely powerful engine
  • Injection mechanism
  • Reliable Air-Filter

  • No bending down
  • Amazing air filter
  • Cord locking
  • Vaccum built-in
  • 7500 RPM
  • Fuel efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Jet turbine engine
  • Brushless technology

  • Made for professionals
  • 3-in-1 machine
  • Low-emisson technology
  • Lightweight
  • 200 mph
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Oscillating Nozzel
  • Husqvarna 580BTS 

    Leaf blowers are a new addition to the tools and equipment of homeowners. It’s no surprise as the product helps individuals remove twigs and leaves around their home. Husqvarna 580BTS, for instance, has been the go-to option for many. It is a professional-grade and powerful backpack blower you should purchase. With customer’s convenience in mind, this item was developed to get the toughest job done as effectively as possible. 

    It is sturdy, impact-resistant, effective, and long-lasting. But proper use and maintenance can come into play.

    Specs and Features 

    • One of the most powerful backpack blowers – It can pump out a tube airflow with 206.2 MPH. 
    • 2-cycle 75.6 cc X-Torq engine – This increases the fuel up to 20% while reducing exhaust emissions. Plus, the engine provides more power to handle light and heavy debris in no time. 
    • Avoid constant fuel refill – This product comes with a big fuel tank that can perform for hours. Unlike the traditional solutions in today’s market, Husqvarna 580BTS only consumes a little amount of fuel. 
    • The engine is available with an injection mechanism – Commonly known as a centrifugal air cleaning system. The engine offers a layer of filter for the air. For that reason, it separates dirt particles and larger debris. 
    • The air filter is long-lasting – The engine is no exception. It also has reliable longevity you’d love.


    • It is vibration-free – Thanks to the motor mounts. Are you searching for a silent operator? Don’t look further than Husqvarna 580BTS. 
    • Available with a quality handle – That’s not all! The handle is also easy to grip. Plus, it is adjustable, reaching your needs. 
    • It comes with a wide shoulder strap – You can see the strap on the harness, and it looks like something from a sports car. 
    • Solid build quality – This helps you acquire bigger savings and avoids other unnecessary replacement over time. 


    • Some customers may find the leaf blower expensive – Its features and other advantages make the brand a worthwhile investment you should try. 

    A top-grade leaf blower? A powerful brand? Husqvarna 580BTS got you covered! Visit the official website of the manufacturer for more information! 

    Echo PB-770T 

    Flexible leaf blower? Echo PB-770T has been one of the most sought-after brands this 2020. Whether you have a simple or huge yard upkeep, this leaf blower from the Echo can exceed your expectations and turn your goals into a reality. Similar to the 580BTS, PB-770T is a powerful, efficient, and affordable tool you should add to cart today. 

    Specs and Features 

    • It is equipped with a 63.3 cc 2-stroke engine – This takes the blower’s performance to a different level. While the airflow can reach 756 CFM, the AirSpeed is around 234 MPH. 
    • The engine produces a lot of power – It can blow grass, rocks, sticks, and grass in real-time. 
    • There’s no need to bend down – It can get all the tasks done for your convenience.  
    • Say bye to wet grass and stubborn damp – When is the best time to remove the grass and leaves? Experts would suggest cleaning your garden or pathway when the leaves or weeds are dry. PB-770T, on the other hand, can operate all year round. Give it a shot and see the difference. 
    • Perfect air filtration system – This is not only well-designed but also mounted. What else? It is a dual-stage. While it ensures maximum engine performance, it is also long-lasting. 


    • The fuel tank is large – It has a 68.3-ounce capacity. 
    • The engine is fuel-efficient – This means you can save fuel while enjoying an hour of quality and swift performance. 
    • Construction – It is made from plastic, steel, aluminum, and other special materials. The company does not use low-grade components. 
    • It is portable – It only weighs around 23.8 lbs. 
    • It is comfortable to operate – Thanks to the shoulder straps, padded backrest, and more. 
    • Available with a vented backpack – You will find it more bearable even in hot conditions. 
    • The sound level is only around 70dBA – So, it is quieter than the other gas-powered options. 


    • It takes time to start the leaf blower – It’s all right! You will find it convenient after some time. 

    The PB-770T is comfortable to use, fuel-efficient, powerful, and lightweight with quality padding and silent operation. 

    Toro 51619 Ultra Blower 

    This leaf blower from Toro is competitively priced. Aside from the reasonable rate, it has a variety of nice features. It has variable speeds, great mulching capabilities, and perfect vacuuming function. As a corded leaf blower, Toro 5169 is powerful. But its mobility is not as excellent as you think. So, it’s best for people with small and mid-sized yards. 

    Specs & Features 

    • Power – The 51691 has an airspeed of 250 MPH while its nozzle can expel an air volume of 410 CFM. Indeed, it can compete with other popular brands in today’s market. 
    • Cord lock mechanism – Accidental disconnection can be a headache. Good news! Toro 51691 is available with a reliable cord lock. This prevents the machine from being unplugged during yard maintenance. 
    • Speed settings – Not all garden maintenance require more power and precision. This is the reason why Toro makes variable speed settings available in its 51619. Whether you need power or accuracy, the speed settings are easy to adjust and modify. 
    • Vacuum – This machine has been designed to vacuum any unwanted material for convenient and easy disposal. 


    • It is equipped with a metal impeller – This helps drive power and guarantees a quality mulching results. 
    • Great flexibility – Thanks to its variable speed. You can control the equipment without any trouble. 
    • Noise levels are comfortable – Yes, it can be a silent operator. 
    • It is a 3-in-1machine – It can be a vacuum and a blower depending on your requirements. 
    • Sleek design – The style and design are aesthetic and appealing. It is something that you can boast to your close friends and family, too. 


    • It struggles on wet grass – Use it to get rid of dry leaves and grass to avoid hassles. 
    • The power switch requires enough care and attention – A simple mistake can result in expensive problems. 

    Don’t waste your time searching for a leaf blower that can deal with tough debris. Toro 51619 has been tailored for you. Visit popular ecommerce sites today for further details. 

    Husqvarna 350BT 

    Our fourth favorite is probably the 350BT from Husqvarna. Aside from performance, we also love its longevity, flexibility, and power. While its airspeed is 180MPH, its CFM is around 495. When you have been searching for a powerful machine without a good result, the 350BT from Husqvarna won’t disappoint you. 

    Specs and Features 

    • It uses X-Torq engine – Husqvarna incorporated X-Torq engine into its 580BTS model. Good news! It is also available in 350BT. 
    • The speed can reach 7,500 RPM – If you are frustrated with your current leaf blower, this 350BT from Husqvarna will give you a different and fun experience. 
    • It makes tougher jobs easy – For that reason, you can finish your paper works and other chores ahead of time. 
    • Easy to maintain – Probably, you have a hectic schedule, so you don’t need a leaf blower that requires extensive upkeep. The 350BT is far different. It requires less maintenance, saving your time in the long run. 
    • Keep your place clean – Don’t leave your pathway, driveway, and landscape full of dirt and debris. Treat them with the 350BT from Husqvarna right away. Once used properly, it can clean your place regularly. 
    • Fuel-efficient – It emits less, increasing safety in the neighborhood. Thanks to its 2 stroke engine. 
    • 455 g/kWh fuel consumption rate – Unlike most gas blowers, its fuel consumption is only 20%. 
    • It is equipped with an air purge feature – How does this work? It simply removes the air from the carburetor and fuel system for a swift and seamless experience. That’s not all! It cleans every passage in the blower. 


    • The controls are ergonomically designed – There’s no complicated procedure to follow. You can start the machine within a minute or two. 
    • Adjustable handles – You can adjust the handles according to your preferences. It is indeed comfortable and stress-free to use. 
    • It avoids uncomfortable strains – Thanks to the offset handle. 
    • LowVib technology – This reduces vibration and ensures silent operation. 


    • It doesn’t have a shredder and vacuum function – But let’s hope for the best. 

    Whether you don’t have enough time or prefer a quality leaf blower, the 350BT awaits you. Add it to the cart now! 

    Greenworks 40V 185MPH 

    Say bye to noxious fumes from gas blowers. Get them replaced with 40V 185MPH from Greenworks. It is a cordless blower/vacuum that will simplify any tedious tasks. It is electric, which can avoid the heaviness of gas blowers. It is battery-operated. Also, there’s no need to untangle any cords. 

    Specs and Features

    • Longevity – the 40V 185MPH can last for a decade or more. But proper storage and maintenance should not be ignored.
    • The battery is long-lasting – Yes, there’s no repetitive battery replacement. When it does not operate at its best, contact a certified professional for assistance. 
    • Eco-friendly – Once added into your tools and equipment, you can avoid the emission of harmful chemicals and other substances. 


    • It has a turbo mode – This delivers gas-like performance. To activate, turn on the blower and the turbo mode. That’s it! 
    • It is made with DigiPro brushless motor technology – This allows you to collect at least 5 bags of leaves. 
    • A great option for grass and hard surfaces – Thick/thin grass? Patios, pathways, or driveways? Name it! The equipment is flexible and functional. 
    • It ensures a 6-speed transmission – This also guarantees less vibration that you would highly recommend to close friends and colleagues. 
    • Lightweight – You can bring it from one place to another without any trouble. It is indeed portable and lightweight. 
    • The design is stylish and catchy – Aside from durability, the equipment is available with aesthetic appeal. 
    • There’s a LED indicator that displays the battery life – Once the battery gets drained, you would know as soon as possible. Thanks to its LED indicator. 


    • People find it weaker compared to corded blowers – But it depends. Once maintained on a regular basis, it remains sturdy and impact-resistant. 
    • Customers also complain about the battery – When compared to other leaf blowers, its battery is not up to the par. 

    The gas-powered leaf blower has been the go-to option for many years. Things have changed today since an electric leaf blower is now the top priority for folks out there. The 40V 185MPH from Greenworks, for example, is lightweight, powerful, and comfortable to use. It is also a silent operator. 

    Greenworks BL80L2510 

    Another best leaf blower is the BL80L2510 from Greenworks. From a higher CFM count, great airspeed to convenient blowing pressure, this equipment is considered a complete or all-round package. While there are various brands in today’s market, Greenworks BL80L2510 has a unique name in the industry. 

    Specs and Features 

    • One of the most powerful cordless leaf blowers – Once turned on, BL80L2510 performs at its best. Greenworks never disappoints its valued customers since day one. 
    • Long-lasting battery – Tired of replacing your leaf blower’s battery? If yes, Greenworks BL80L2510 can come into play. Its battery lasts for months while ensuring effective and functional performance. 
    • Jet turbine technology – This does not increase the brand’s efficiency, but also reduce system loss. Therefore, you can maximize the motor’s capability. 
    • Brushless technology – This has been getting widespread popularity in the past decades. While there are multiple brands to choose from, Greenworks BL80L2510 is a good investment. 


    • It is easier to use – Thanks to its reduced weight. Currently, it weighs around 10 lbs. 
    • The handle is comfortable to hold – You can get rid of leaves, twigs, and other dirt buildups without discomfort. 
    • Quick charging – The battery gets full in 40 minutes. 
    • Clean a large garden or pathways at once – It’s because of the high CFM. 
    • Competitively priced – You can enjoy quality features while saving some cash. It won’t break your bank. Plus, it performs according to the industry’s highest standards. 
    • The design is simple but nice – It is something that you can boast to your close friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. 
    • Trustworthy – The BL80L2510 is manufactured by Greenworks, a company that has been trusted for innovative and high-end leaf blowers in the field. 
    • Experts-recommended – With the quality and power, the BL80L2510 has been recognized by many experts out there. Also, Greenworks never stop making people happy and satisfied. 


    • The runtime is not enough – Although it gets recharged within a few minutes, it may delay the completion of your project. 

    Many individuals have a negative connotation about electric leaf blower. They believe this equipment doesn’t perform well. But the BL80L2510 from Greenworks will prove them wrong. 

    Poulan Pro PPBV25

    Poulan Pro is a trusted name in the industry. Since establishment, they have been providing their clients with customized, durable, and quality leaf blowers. PPBV25 is a great example. From airspeed to excellent blowing power, this equipment is a meaningful and great investment to have. Whether you have a simple or difficult job, the PPBV25 allows you to get it done without compromising excellent results. 

    Specs and Features 

    • It is packed with 25ccs two-cycle/stroke engine – This offers an excellent performance 
    • It is a professional-grade leaf blower – You can use it to clear large sports stadiums and natural packs. It is indeed an all-round blower that can satisfy your requirements. 
    • It only requires a 50:1 gas to oil ratio – Thanks to the two-stroke engine. It also remains well lubricated, enabling it to run as smoothly as possible. 
    • It is a 3-in-1 machine – Aside from blowing, it can vacuum and even shred leaf without any trouble. 


    • It has the same air power – From shredding leaf, vacuuming to blowing, its air power is effective and high-end. 
    • It allows you to reduce at least 16 bags of leaves to a bag of mulch – Yes, it is convenient to use, making it perfect for those who have a hectic schedule. 
    • Its power switch has a plastic covering – This helps you avoid accidental turn on/off. 
    • The covering also protects the switch from any buildup of residue – But check the switch from time to time. 
    • It is available with a cruise control feature – This enables you to hold the leaf blower at your desired CFM, which is critical in preserving gas and increasing engine efficiency. 
    • Variable speed trigger – This allows you to adjust the airspeed without the need to put down the leaf blower. 
    • It has been developed with a dedicated vibration dismission technology – This does not only ensure comfort but also avoids any discomfort even at an extended operation. 
    • Build-quality – the leaf blower is commercial-grade. 


    • It is not portable – The performance, however, outweighs this drawback. 
    • It requires a high maintenance cost – You will get used to it as time goes by. 

    Professional grade blower? Well-packaged equipment? Poulan Pro PPBV25 is now available in the market. Don’t hesitate to visit the official website of the manufacturer. 

    Hitachi RB24EAP 

    Another all-round and perfect leaf blower is the RB24EAP from Hitachi, a company with a reputation of providing the highest quality and the finest products since establishment. 

    What makes the RB24EAP different from others is that it is compact, lightweight, affordable, and easy to maneuver. It also produces a great amount of airflow and power that you would enjoy. 

    Specs and Features 

    • It is equipped with a PureFire low-emission technology – This emits a minimal amount of harmful glasses compared to other leaf blowers out there. 
    • Fair-sized – The motor measures around 23.99 cc, producing 1.13 horsepower. 
    • It produces 441 CFM air with a speed of 170 MPH – It is really powerful and of good quality. 
    • It can handle tasks of any difficulty – From simple to complicated maintenance, this tool is money-saving and feature-packed. 
    • It is lightweight – It only weighs around 8.6 lbs., making it comfortable to maneuver and operate. The weight is also well-distributed. Thus, you can expect a fatigue-free or swift operation. 


    • It is a silent operator – It gets the job done with minimal noise. So, you can get rid of the leaves and twigs even on the weekend. 
    • It guarantees effortless operation – It comes with a user-friendly finger throttle lever. 
    • Great fuel tank capacity – It can reach up to 17.6 fl. oz 
    • Fun to maneuver – There’s no additional equipment needed. Once switched on, it can complete the job within a few minutes. 
    • Incredible value for money – It is not only affordable but can also last for decades. 
    • Eco-friendly – It does not emit harmful chemicals and other toxic substances. 
    • It is available at a fair rate – You can acquire huge savings while enjoying the quality and efficient performance. 


    • The airspeed could be better – Good news! The company has been trying its best to improve its services and products. So, let’s hope for the best. 

    There are many excellent all-round leaf blowers to pick nowadays. The RB24EAP from Hitachi stands out from the other competing brands. We love its portability, simplicity, convenience, and performance. We’d highly recommend it to folks out there. So, if you are on the lookout for a functional and quality leaf blower, the RB24EAP is one of the best options this 2020. 

    Poulan Pro PR 48BT 

    Who doesn’t want the best leaf blower? Everyone prefers to invest in quality, functional, and effective leaf blower. When you have been searching for a brand without a good result, the pro PR48BT from Poulan got your back. Yes, it is not lightweight and cheap. But it has the efficiency and power that exceeds the industry’s highest standards. 

    Specs and Features 

    • It is built with 2-stroke 48cc engine – As one of the top-notch gas-powered engines, this makes the backpack leaf blower one of the most powerful products in today’s market. 
    • It produces 200 mph – When it comes to the CFM count, it goes over 475. 
    • It can handle heavy-duty jobs – It is perfect for a stubborn and wet pile of dirt or debris around your home or commercial property. 
    • It’s lighter compared to 580BTS – Weighing around 22 pounds, Pro PR 48BT is more compact and lighter than Husqvarna 580BTS. 
    • It has enough cushioning – Each area has comfortable cushioning, reaching your unique requirements. 


    • It has a cruise control feature – There’s no need to hold the throttle at all times. Say bye to any discomfort or inconvenience. 
    • Adjustable speed – It is easy to adjust the speed according to your preferences. 
    • Mighty engine – It performs really well. Whatever job you do, Pro PR 48BT can do them all without low-quality results. 
    • Tons of airflow – It can remove any buildup of leaves, dirt, and debris within a short period of time. 
    • Durable – It can withstand many elements. But regular and proper maintenance can play a critical role. 
    • Available in good design – It is something that you can boast to close friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors. 


    • It is expensive – Despite the cost, it is a good investment you shouldn’t miss. While it may break your bank at first, huge savings await you. 
    • Loud operation – It produces loud noise during operation. But there’s nothing to worry about! Look for other excellent alternatives online. Careful research is essential. 

    Pro PR 48BT is indeed one of the most powerful leaf blowers this 2020. Whether your current equipment is inefficient and of poor quality, the PR 48BT from Poulan will be your best bet.

    Toro UltraPlus Blower Vac 51621 

    For an entry-level leaf blower, nothing beats the Vac 51621. It is not only a top-grade brand on Amazon but also a versatile machine for different yard work. Its maximum speed is around 250 MPH that can get rid of the sticky and tough buildup of dirt. 

    Specs and Features

    • It has enough power – This is not uncommon for a handheld leaf blower. Whatever maintenance tasks you have, this brand is good to go. 
    • It gets rid of wet stuff – It allows you to maintain your house safe and protect your family from any health complications.
    • It comes with an Oscillating Nozzle – This enables the machine to widen its range of impact. Also, it allows you to cover a larger area without inconvenience. 
    • A versatile tool – You can use it as a vacuum and a leaf shredder. Thanks to its 410 CFM. 


    • The airspeed is adjustable – It is because of the variable speed knob. This also results in precise adjustments 
    • It is easy to concentrate the blowing power – Just use the three-sized tubes. If you experience a hard time navigating the tubes, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer of your choice. 
    • It features a cord lock system – This assists you to detach the cord as quickly as possible. 
    • There are no additional tools to purchase – It works without the need to install other equipment. 
    • High-speed air – This is not only great for wet dirt, but it is also perfect for heavy debris. So, you don’t need to purchase different tools for various jobs. 
    • It is money-saving – Aside from quality features, this product won’t cause you a fortune. It is competitively priced.


    • It does not work in 220V – Read the instruction manual for further details. Or you can contact the manufacturer. They have excellent customer support that comes to your rescue. 
    • The vacuum is not smooth – But you will surely love the other functions. You can also consider other brands to enjoy a good investment. 

    Toro UltraPlus Blower Vac 51621 is feature-packed, it is versatile. It is affordable. The airspeed and blowing power are great as well. 

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider When Selecting a Leaf Blower

    Leaf blowers have been getting a high demand from the public in the past years. This has led to multiple brands, so choosing the right option can be a headache. But knowing some selection pointers can make your life easier than ever. Here are some common and important factors to consider: 

    Noise – Pick the Brand that Provides a Silent Operation 

    Generally, a handheld leaf blower produces less noise and is perfect for suburban areas. Whether they are walk-behind style or backpack, they remain a silent operator. This lets you concentrate on any maintenance jobs and other chores without a hard time. If your existing leaf blower produces a loud sound, the Hitachi RB24EAP will be your best bet. While it cleans your yard, it operates without much noise. 

    Weight – Portable Blower for a Small Yard & Heavy Blower for a Big Space

    Aside from design and size, leaf blowers come in different weights. Now, which is better between a lightweight and heavy leaf blower? Identify your unique needs beforehand. For those who have a small garden, a cordless leaf blower is a great choice you should try. Available in a compact design, they are tailored for smaller areas. 

    If you have larger areas, a walk-behind or backpack leaf blower will be a great investment. Of course, they are heavy. But they are capable of cleaning up larger yards, gardens, and lawns as quickly as possible. 

    Who doesn’t want a lightweight and portable leaf blower? Everyone enjoys using a compact tool. But choose the equipment that can reach your needs. 

    Voltage – The Right Voltage is Key 

    Although this is one of the most overlooked factors to consider, the voltage is something important. Usually, leaf blowers are available with a 30 V battery. Other brands come with a 60 V., which is of higher quality? Well, it depends. You can ask for help from a close friend or family relative to avoid any hassles. 

    Capacity – Identify the Size of your Yard Before Anything Else 

    Now, we’re done with the voltage. What’s next? Identify the capacity of a leaf blower. Studies show that greater capacity ensures longer runtime. Typically, leaf blowers have a capacity of 2.3 or 3.0. this is enough for small areas. 

    If you have a huge garden or space, go for a big leaf blower.

    Battery – It Should Be Long-Lasting

    Another important factor to consider is the battery. While it is enticing to choose the cheapest option, invest in a long-lasting battery. At first, it could break your bank. But it could guarantee bigger savings over time. Also, select the company with a trusted and reliable reputation.

    Blow Speed – Complete Any Job According to Your Schedule 

    do you have a wide and leafy garden? If yes, you need something that blows off the dirt and debris as fast as possible. One of the best choices is an electric turbine fusion leaf blower. Its maximum is blowing speed in round 160 MPH. There are other solutions to pick. Thorough research can be critical. 

    Eco-Friendly – Ideal for the Environment

    For years, gas leaf blowers are the sought-after solution. Things have changed today. Backpack leaf blowers are a top priority for folks because it does not emit any harmful chemicals. They are highly sustainable. How about the performance? Although they are not gas-powered, they get their job done with flexibility and functionality. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can you use a leaf blower on wet leaves, twigs, or another buildup of dirt?

    Definitely, you can use different types of leaf blowers on wet leaves, tough twigs, and stubborn dirt buildup. But be sure the equipment is powerful. How does one measure the leaf blower’s power? Look for both the CFM and MPH count. The higher the CFM/MPH count, the quicker you can get rid of dirt from your space. 

    While there are various brands to pick, don’t forget the Husqvarna 580BTS and the Poulan Pro PPBV25. Each can perform according to your expectations and requirements. From wet to dry leaves, both can complete your project on the same day. 

    What is the leaf blowers standard or average weight? 

    Weight has been a hot topic in leaf blowers. It’s no surprise as holding 10 lbs. of equipment within a short period of time can be tedious and overwhelming. 

    However, a compact leaf blower cannot perform well. But 8 or 10 lbs. tool can stay functional and flexible.

    Once you do some research online, corded electric blowers are good to go. They do not have gas engines and heavy battery packs. 

    How about the backpack leaf blower? They commonly weigh around 20 or 30 lbs. Yes, they can be heavy and can cause discomfort. But unlike handheld brands, they are more comfortable than ever. Thanks to proper weight distribution. 

    When it comes to walk-behind blowers, they are heavy machines. They can weigh around 100 pounds. Good news! They have sturdy, impact-resistant, durable, and flexible wheels. This means you can move it around a residential or commercial property with peace of mind. 

    Do you need to wear any protective gear or safety equipment? 

    Some people might not use safety equipment. Experts recommend the use of protective gear as leaf blowers are heavy landscaping equipment. Now, what are the tools you should purchase? Good question and you came to the right place! 

    While there are many devices to buy, starter-kit includes earmuffs or earplugs, work gloves, and a dust mask. What else? You also need goggles that meet the protection standards. 

    Don’t be afraid of the additional cost. Each of these safety gear is available at a competitive rate. Sometimes, these products come with great and affordable discounts. 

    Are there safety tips to weigh in mind? 

    Of course. Without extra attention and care, you might get injured when using a backpack or handheld leaf blower. For your peace of mind and safety, make sure to work on a stable and sturdy surface. Don’t maneuver your leaf blower on a ladder, tree, or rooftop. In case you need to reach a higher spot, remember to bring a nozzle attachment. It would reduce your risk of getting injured in the future. 

    Aside from that, remember not to misuse a leaf blower. Don’t utilize it to remove construction dust, gravel dust, plaster dust, dry garden topsoil, and concrete dust. They are intended to get rid of sticky or tough leaves. 

    It is also vital to know your surroundings. Then, don’t utilize a leaf blower in a well-ventilated space. Plus, never point them at pets and people. Don’t let your children play with it to avoid injuries or accidents. 

    Another thing is to take your necklace or scarf off during the process. Wear the right gear and clothes at all times. 

    How To Maintain a Leaf Blower? 

    Similar to other tools and equipment, leaf blowers require maintenance to remain durable and functional. For beginners, it might be hard to maintain a leaf blower.

    After use, wipe down the equipment with a damp cloth. Be sure to clean the air filter, the area in the carburetor, and the fan blades. Then. Check the filter on a regular basis. If there are dirt and debris, give it a warm and soapy water. If it is worn or old, get the filter replaced with a new and quality brand. After that, inspect the hose, which only takes for a few seconds. Lastly, store it in a dry place. You can put it in your garage or other empty rooms. Also, install a working bench for easy organization and identification. 

    How to start using leaf blowers? 

    It depends on the leaf blower of your choice. If it a gas leaf blower, give it with the right and quality fuel. Common options include a mix of 2-cycle oil and unleaded gas. After that, try the lowest power setting. Don’t run it at full throttle as this increases the risk of wear and tear. Now, remove possible obstructions to protect your equipment from cracks and other damages. Also, it is vital to wear close-fitting clothes, long pants, nonslip shoes, earplugs, etc. 

    Final Verdict 

    So, what’s your choice? Add it to the cart today! You can visit Amazon and other ecommerce platforms to make your first purchase as successful as possible. You can also go to the official websites of manufacturers to enjoy amazing discounts. 

    Level up your lawn with any of these best leaf blowers now!