Echo Gt 225 Review – 2021

If you’re in search of the best string trimmers to maintain your lawn and yard, The GT-225 gas powered trimmer by Echo is designed as a lightweight with plenty of power.. They are far less polluting – thanks to the stricter regulations concerning gas emission in the world.

And most Echo gas-powered weed eaters have their engines certified to comply with federal regulations for 300 hours instead of the 50 hours it used to be. (The higher the number of hours, the lesser pollution they cause) 

Also the engines are specially built to last longer than other string trimmers. However, what stands many of these gas-powered machines out from others is that they are a bit more expensive.

This grass trimmer is powered by a 21.2cc 2-cycle engine, which makes it works flawlessly even for first-timers, and it works with a lot more power than the displacement indicates. Its 2-stroke engine is so strong it can cut through thick grass and weeds. It won’t give you any problem besides its so obvious to see that the gt  225 series is specially built to last for a very long time including  withstanding coming in contact with rocks or debris in the middle of a job and it will still work fine. 

However, it is good you avoid your trimmer coming in contact with debris and rocks so that the machine can last longer.

This tool grass cutting machine measures 0.16 ounces – so it’s quite easy moving it around for landscaping purposes without a problem and also you won’t need to sweat before you can start this tool because the pull starter is well fitted and merely pulling the cord once or twice gets the machine ready for action.

This quality gas trimmer is very affordable and is equipped with an ergonomic rubber throttle grip that makes switching it ON/OFF extraordinarily comfortable and straightforward. Another good thing about this tool is how its fuel tank was built in such a way that it makes it easy and straightforward for the trimmer to be refueled i.e., on a 5:1 ratio gas/oil mix (which is standard for 2-cycle engines) just by removing the cap without needing to turn the tool sideway before refueling.

And if, for any reason, you need to replace any of the GT-225 weed eater parts due to wear, the components can easily be accessed and fixed in no time. The oil filter fitted in this trimmer is made of high quality and very easy to remove and clean it for future use. This is quite different from other trimmers you see there in the market.

You can also access the spark plug just where it is located on the top left side of the machine with the required T-wrench that comes included in the package. The parts that make up the heat dissipation area can also be cleaned up including the exhaust system without much problem.

The Echo gas trimmer GT-225 is just so easy to maintain!

Feature Of The Echo Gt 225:


If you’re the type that likes to first read about the product you’re trying to buy before actually ordering for one, then you might be a bit discouraged with the online review of this machine – and just like most gas trimmer, this one also had some few negative reviews which include getting a defect product straight from the manufacturer, so you will understand my apprehension when I first received this package.

Good for me, there was no problem with my string trimmer – with its brand new look and no sign that it has been tampered with, I was delighted.

The set up after unboxing was pretty straight forward and no brainer even for first-timers, the parts could be assembled in less than 5 minutes if you follow through with the manual guide. So also, if you don’t have any technical knowledge about these types of tools, you will discover that setting up the echo gas trimmer gt 225 is just easy and simple.

ON/OFF Starter

To make this machine start at the first or second pull, you need to position the echo gt 225 string trimmer’s choke in the right place. My first experience when I first took it out the box to trim my lawn, I could not ignite the machine at the first pull, but after I moved the slider off the choke position, it then roared into life on my second pull. 

Here are some tips you need to follow if you want to maintain your weed eater so it can power on every time you pull the cord.

  • After priming the system, make sure the choke is in the ‘cold start’ position then flip the stop switch to the ON position.
  • Engage the throttle and pull the starter cord (for the first time, it can take you up to 2-3 pulls before it starts) 
  • and make sure you adjust the choke back to the ‘run’ position. (make sure you quickly flip the choke to the ‘run’ position immediately you hear the engine start – just a bit of experimenting and you’ll get it right)

This trimmer is so far the most comfortable pull starter out there, and it requires just little energy expended to make this work. Thus, the subsequent start will take less time to start, and if you use it more frequently, the quicker it will fire up every time. For instance, if you use it like every 2-3 days, it can be easily cold-started in just 1-2 gentle pulls.

Compared with many other weed trimmers the echo gt 225 gas trimmer is just one of the easiest to handle, with just two easy pulls, and my trimmer was ready to cut down my overgrown yard. The trimmer string was also effortless to load only that it will be more time saving with a tap head.


While testing this product around my yard, I discovered that it was incredibly lightweight, only about 10 pounds or thereabout (according to the specifications), so moving it from one spot to another should not be a hassle. And I also believe older people who feel like cutting their yards with this motor can easily do so without worrying about the effect of the weight on their hands and back.

Does it cut well?

If you could imagine how a hot knife sliced through butter, the same way is how the Echo GT-225 grass eater can slice through all the grass and weeds with so much ease – whih is  very impressive for a tool of this nature. 

At one point I thought (based on the weight) this trimmer could only achieve this type of cut because the grass was new. So I managed to get it over to my grandma’s house to cut the thick and high grass in her backyard and around the fence and again I was amazed at how easy this trimmer quickly cut through these weeds with accuracy and precision. 

So, I was able to complete the yard cleaning – the fences as well as the shrubs in about an hour. 

And since I’ve been using it, it has continued to produce powerful cuts with amazing results.

What More to Know About The Echo GT 225 Gas Trimmer

The echo gt 225 trimmers are quite different from other string trimmers in its class because of its fuel efficiency and its lightweight model. If you’re not so sure of what else to look for in this tool, here are some more features that make this tool a powerful cutting motor for homeowners.

Lightweight Trimmer

If you’re going to be working for long hours in your yard, then there is nothing more exciting than having a lightweight weed eater at your disposal, and that is where the echo gt 225 weed eater comes in. 

Its lightweight features make such garden activities so relaxed and comfortable and help you to move around without worrying about the weight on your hand and how it will affect your bak.

Smaller Gaps

When working on your yard and if you have tall grass and weeds, then you can quickly get your trimmer entangled around the string trimmer cutting head which will affect its production and results, and this is so common with weed eaters with lots of gap between the head and the mounting debris guard. 

So line trimmers like the echo gt 225 string trimmers are built with protective sleeves around the shaft or smaller gaps so that weeds and tall grass will not be able to wrap around the trimmer cutting head.

Other features also Includes:

  • 5 Year Consumer Warranty
  • 2 Year Commercial Warranty


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to operate and start
  • Cutting swathe and debris shield included


  • The strings need to be loaded constantly.

It’s Worth Every Cent!

If you’re looking for a cheaper version of a string trimmer with so many features, then you might be surprised that the money you will spend on getting it might not be worth the investment. The Echo gt 225 weed eater has been tested to its limit on lawns that probably look more like a jungle, and it has always come out even stronger after every use.

So if you skip the quality and you opt for the cheaper models, your trimmers will likely get stuck in the middle of a job which invariably means you will spend more time doing the same job that should have taken you a lesser time to complete.

Echo 225 gt gas trimmer is made with quality materials that make an impossible job hard and hard job more manageable. And this trimmer is your best option to keep your lawn looking neat and well cared for.


If you’re not a technical person, you might get a bit intimidated with your choice of a string trimmer, considering the many brands and models out there doing almost the same job. 

So to begin with, make sure you opt for trimmers that are environmentally friendly and will not cause too much pollution. This is why this Echo gt 225 string trimmer review came up, to give you a guide to knowing which of the weed eaters is right for you. The Echo GT 225 weed eater has many features that makes its price so cheap and it is very easy to maintain as there are lots of its spare parts that you can easily access without you needing to worry where to get the replacements, and is durable to last you for a long time.

This trimer should be your go-to if you are a private homeowner or a professional landscaper who needs a strong string trimmer that will make the job easy and fun to do.