Echo Vs. Stihl String Trimmers: In-Depth Comparison 2021

There is nothing more exciting and fun like having a string trimmer that is easy to use, lightweight, and can deliver the best cut for your backyard. Working on a large yard in the heat of the day with a massive ineffective tool can make even the most straightforward job harder.

The best trimmers are the ones made to work efficiently and made with durable materials; many trimmer brands are built to last for a very long time without needing to require significant repair. 

So when it comes to trimmers especially in the $150- $450 price range, the Echo and the Stihl are two brands that have varieties of different weed trimmers you can choose from.

This comparison guide between the echo string trimmers and the Stihl weed whackers is meant to help you find the right brand for your needs.

So which is better, the Echo Weed Trimmer vs. The Stihl Trimmer

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur RatingBuy here!
  • Better value
  • Longer warranty
  • Better for residential uses
  • Generally more expensive
  • For professionals
  • Safer
  • Different factors help to identify what makes a good string trimmer and some of these factors include:

    Ease of Use

    Both brands have employed the latest technology in their quest to remain dominant in producing the best tool to work in your garden. For instance, both brands have recently introduced power buttons to make starting and switching off the trimmers engines easy for users. 

    Both of these brands now have their throttle triggers and their ON/OFF switch located in similar locations including offering the same circular handles that are considered reasonably comfortable. While for the Stihl brand, they included a bike handle grip for their heavier trimmers.

    The Stihl brands have trimmers that weigh between 9.3 to 15.9 lbs while the Echo has trimmers that range from 10.1 to 13.5 lbs, while this seems that on average the Stihl trimmers are heavier, which is probably due to the size of the power plants, however, they try to make up for this by adding a strap clip to the shaft of their trimmers, so it’s easy to carry it around for hours when working on your yard.


    The two brands both offer different prices for their models, and it’s essential to know that these two commercial-grade brands are well established to provide their users with competitive prices that are cheaper and affordable.

    Again for those who needed a stronger tool with much power, the Stihl brands can be a bit more expensive. They have 5 options in these high-end models listed which are above $400 while the top end echo is sold for only $400. However, the strongest brands from the Stihl stable are 9.6 cc bigger than the toughest echo model, but with the high echo torque that comes with a half-inch bigger cutting swath, one has to wonder why the Stihl needs to be this expensive.


    Experienced landscapers and homeowners know that the best string trimmers should be able to deliver power to the blades and strings to gets the job of cutting and pruning done effectively and quickly too. For instance, if you have a job that will require the use of blades instead of the normal string, you will need much more power due to the weight of the blades. 

    Therefore for lawnmowers, having a strong engine that can power the blades effectively and make them last longer, including completing the tasks faster means so much.

    For real power engines, the Stihl brands of weed trimmers quickly come to mind with its six powerhead trimmers in 24.1, 27.2, 28.4, 31.4, 36.3, and 37.7 cc. Although the echo also provides four powerful engines reaching up to 28.1 ccs, however, the Stihl has three higher levels of displacement over the echo.

    The Stihl brands of trimmers which include the 31.4, 36.3, and 37.7 cc are in actual fact has more power to offer its users but can be a bit harder to control because they are a bit heavier and can compromise your safety – this is why it is recommended when using the heavier types of equipment a full face mask is much preferred to an ordinary pair of safety goggles. 

    However, for a string trimmer that can deal with thick heavy weeds regularly, either the echo or the Stihl brand will do just fine. 


    Noise output from both brands is almost of the same level only that the Stihl trimmers are a bit noisier than the echo trimmers. 

    Although the noise is generally unavoidable when the trimmers are in operation, one is louder compared to the other. For example, the stihl models noise output is put at 80 and 106 Db(A) while that of the echo is pegged at 76 to 100 Db (A). This means that when both are in operation, the echo trimmer’s noise output is lesser than the Stihl.

    Battery Life

    For a time demanding job, the echo trimmers come on top, the reason is that the echo 58-volt weed trimmer comes in a battery of 2 amps per hour can run for about 3 hours. You also get an added recharge for about 30 minutes; this means that if you have a bigger battery spec, it will take more charging time and also work for longer hours. 

    On the other hand, the Stihl HSA 56 which is meant to be a lightweight comes with a 36-volt battery and can last for 40 minutes when in operation, however, the downside to this trimmer is that it will take the same 45 minutes to have its battery recharged – which means the recharge time is more than the actual work time.

    In general, the echo trimmer is considered the best option for time demanding jobs as it can power through thick weeds and grass in a matter of minutes.


    Safety factor plays in on these two brands; however, the Stihl trimmers come with more safety features compared to the echo as its geared toward the well-being of its users during operation, and the more reason it has to go on the upgraded safety switch. 

    The safety features in the Stihl trimmers that are worthy of mention are the 3-stage safety switch which includes the top trigger, the thumb switch, and the throttle trigger. Any of these modes can be selected before turning on the trimmer.

    As for the echo trimmers, the safety feature is not that straightforward but a bit complicated for first-timers as you will need to turn off the safety trigger, then press on a specific switch on the trimmers handle before you can expect the safety feature to really work for you. Thus, the Stihl products are much safer when compared to what the echo can offer – safety-wise.


    For a user to prefer one product over the other, the warranty factor should play a big difference in choosing which to go for. The echo weed wacker offers its users a five years residential warranty and a two-year commercial warranty while the Stihl products come with a two year residential or commercial warranty. So, if you’re thinking of buying a trimmer for your personal use on your home, the echo products with a 5-year residential warranty win on this matter. 

    How To Choose A Suitable String Trimmer? 

    Power Source

    There are different ways a line trimmer can be powered – gas, battery, and corded electricity. 

    The corded trimmers are some of the cheapest models in the market and its the best if only the cord is long enough or you have a closer by 

    power outlet that you can easily plug in the trimmer, however, if you are considering working on larger areas that are more than 100 feet 

    (where the trimmer cord can not reach) It is recommended that you choose either the gas-powered or the battery-powered trimmers.

    The battery-powered trimmers are known to quickly start instantly and don’t make too much noise when using them – the only thing is that. 

    With battery-powered trimmers or cordless trimmers, they don’t have or use the same batteries. So if you’re thinking of purchasing types of trimmers, make sure you are buying the batteries from the same brand, this way, you don’t have to worry about the batteries not fitting on the trimmer.

    The gas-powered is the most widely used trimmers among landscapers and homeowners. 

    Although these types of weed trimmer are boisterous and sometimes a bit heavier than other models, the good thing about them is that, when you fill them with fuel, they can handle almost any task you throw at them, and they are always full of power. 

    Shaft Gap

    Another useful feature to look out for when choosing a suitable string trimmer is how the trimmer is constructed. While some trimmers come with a wide gap around the shaft, which makes it possible for weeds or tall grass to get stuck in there, and causes the trimmer to malfunction or get damaged, there are other models with smaller gaps around the shaft and this type is the best for removing the weeds quickly.


    One thing about line streamers is that they tend to throw the weeds or debris on your body when you’re using them to cut long grass, and this can, in most cases, makes you start scratching your skin. Therefore, if you don’t want to start scratching your skin while working on your yard, it is recommended that you opt for models with standard safety guards like a shield that can stop debris from flying all over you and also a cutting guard meant to protect plantings.

    Final Thought…

    To pick the better of the two brands, you need to take a closer look at how both products are manufactured. You also need to understand what they both have to offer to users so that you can choose which one is better suited to help you cut your tall grass or remove the weeds that are growing on your property.

    Also, you need to understand that both echo and the Stihl brands both have their ups and downs. For instance, the echo trimmers come a bit lighter than the Stihl brands, and they are easier to handle as well. However, the Stihl products come fitted with a larger string guard, which makes sure that the clipping does not fall on your body and is kept away from your eyes.

    Again one difference you will also notice that the brands are not manufactured in the same country as the stihl is an American brand, ie it is made in the USA. Although they might outsource for some parts from other countries, the items are coupled together here in the US.

    Also, the Stihl brands come with a 2 year commercial and residential warranty whereas, the echo comes with a 2-year commercial and 5 years residential warranties.

    To sum it all up, each brand is quite similar in how they are operated, so if you have used one brand successfully without any hitches, you can quickly start and run the other.

    While I like the echo products because they come in lightweight, and their noise is not much as the Stihl products, plus they have a 5-year warranty for residential users; however, if you own a large property, then the echo product might not be the best option. In this case, instead, the Stihl product should be your best bet because they come with a secure motor and spark plugs that are meant to keep the engine working even when there is water or moisture on its body.

    It can be tough for people to decide which one is better than the other, especially when both products are sold at similar prices. You can also try to handle both products personally to see the design and weight differences so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

    Choosing between the echo and the Stihl products can be very difficult, especially when both products almost have similar pricing. Also, you can opt to have the two brands tested before you make your final decision so that you won’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong product for your specific needs.