How to install bamboo fence?

Stupid-Simple Method To Install A Bamboo Fence

How to install a bamboo fence

I’ve always wanted to give my lawn a unique feeling with something that most people don’t use and the perfect idea came to my mind. Why not use bamboo fencing! Almost nobody uses it and it’s a great reusable, eco-friendly, and attraction fencing you can get for cheap.

Now, finding bamboo was not a problem for my fencing but installing it was quite a task. Sure, I could’ve gotten an expert to help me install it but that would ruin the inexpensiveness of bamboo feeling and what’s the fun in that? So, I set out to learn how to install bamboo fencing myself and here are the things I’ve learned!

Why Use A Bamboo Fence?

You might be asking why you should remove your regular looking fence and replace it with bamboo which are pretty much just sticks. Well, there are numerous reasons for installing a bamboo fence that make it such a great choice.

A lot of people around the world use bamboo fencing because it’s so readily available but in some places, it’s more of a novelty because people just don’t use it as much. Here is why you should use one:

  • Design

This goes for any fence as they all do the same thing which is a lot of different ways it can make your lawn shine even more. The theme of your lawn is decided by which type of fencing you use, for example, bamboo fencing gives your lawn a more traditional or even an Asian theme to it that many people love to have.

Fences also make sure you can block out the ugly equipment from your lawn such as any machines that sit on the outside or maybe neighbors with ugly lawns. It also helps set you apart from the other houses that generally use similar fencing and make your lawn feel unique.

Another design aspect of good fencing is that it attracts buyers to it due to its uniqueness which can in turn raise the value of your property. This is a big deal if you’re thinking of selling your house and buyers will certainly see the hard work you put into your lawn!

  • Hide from outsiders

You might be asking, aside from design aspects, are there any practical aspects? Well, glad you asked! Having a good, tall fence can have many practical aspects and one of them is giving you and your family a little bit of privacy.

Depending on how high your bamboo fencing is, it could completely block off unwanted visitors from trying to take a peek into your lawn. It also makes you feel safer and lets you do things outside that you normally wouldn’t do.

  • Additional Safety

Blocking people from looking into your lawn also provides many more safety benefits. Outsiders won’t be able to know what goodies your lawn has which will discourage them from trying to break in. If you’ve had random things flying into your lawn, a good fence can also fix that.

It’ll also prevent wild animals from coming onto your lawn and near your house which for people living in rural areas is a big bonus. Wild animals can ruin all your hard work in seconds and can even cause damage to your house! It’s best to keep them out using a good fence. 

A tall fence will also protect your house from kids who are trying to play pranks on people as they won’t be able to see inside your house and know if you’re looking or not.

  • Clear borders between neighbors

Many property owners often have disputes about where their property ends and the other property begins. Putting up a small line can be helpful but it’s not the best solution to this as someone could be mistaken and come into your personal space without realizing it.

The best way to prevent any disputes is by putting up a fence to make sure everyone around you knows where your property begins so that they can stay off of it. The fence also helps to enforce the rule by putting a physical barrier so people don’t just walk over without realizing it. 

It also helps to give you some more privacy from those neighbors that keep trying to look into your lawn or who keep trying to talk with you. The benefits of fencing can go on and on!

Advantages Of Choosing A Bamboo Fence

If you can buy many other fencing types, what makes bamboo fencing such a better option? Actually, there are numerous reasons why it’s better and history itself proves it too. Throughout the years, this type of fencing was the best choice as it was cheap, reliable, and versatile.

Now there are other fences that match those qualities but none of them provide the natural look that bamboo can offer, and in today’s world, it offers even more benefits due to the things that our planet Earth is going through.

Some places around the world still use bamboo for building structures which proves how strong and reliable it can be. Some ancient buildings that were built on bamboo are still standing today due to its strength. Here are some more benefits of it:

  • Environmentally friendly

Are you someone that is super green towards the environment and tries their best to avoid anything harmful for the environment? Well, bamboo is the best for you because the way it’s harvested all the way down to how it is prepared for commercial use is all super friendly to the environment.

What could be more eco-friendly than using trees for your fence compared to using industrially made fencing that outputs tons of carbon and poisonous waste into the wildlife? Even the way bamboo is grown is natural with no harmful chemicals or pesticides used because they just aren’t needed for growing it. 

It’s also super easy to obtain because one tree can grow around 2 feet per day or 60 cm. That’s a whole lot of bamboo especially when you multiply it by 1000’s of trees and you can even harvest it without completely destroying the tree! A fence from this material is one of the most eco-friendly fences you can find and it also has green effects on your lawn! It keeps the soil tighter around your area which keeps the plants around it also happy.

The greenness of bamboo is a never ending list which is what truly makes it an amazing choice in this day and age! (source)

  • Ease of use

One of the problems with buying any fence is that you gotta install it yourself which is super daunting as I said before. However, working with bamboo is extremely easy compared to other materials and many companies even sell them in rolls to make your life even more easier!

Working with bamboo is also quite easy as you can resize it as you need and place it in any orientation you feel like. It’s generally quite thin which means you don’t have to worry about not having enough space for an extra space to make your fence look perfect!

  • Super strong

Have you heard of steel? Do you know how strong it is? Well, believe it or not, but bamboo is actually much stronger than it in terms of the ratio between strength and weight! Imagine your fence being made of something stronger than steel.

Along with that, bamboo is also water resistant and sturdier than almost every other wood you can find! Other wood fences usually end up eroding due to rain or wind and do break down eventually but bamboo fences are much stronger and can resist this erosion.

If you didn’t already know, bamboo is basically the trunk of a tree and imagine how strong a trunk of any tree would be! That’s what makes it so strong and such an appealing choice for a fence.

  • Theme

A big part about designing the exterior of your house and your lawn is what theme you want to use to show off your designs. Many people these days go for a modern look while a few go for an older look by using bushes. 

Bamboo provides an unique look that most people don’t have and gives a rustic look to your exterior. There is no alternative for the rustic look from bamboo and it makes your house blend more into the environment. However, this isn’t something you wanna do if your house is in the suburbs because it’ll make it look out of place.

Bamboo also allows air to freely flow between the gaps which will keep your house cool unlike a lot of other blocking fences, and it’ll also allow sufficient light to pass in which is great for any house owner. 

If you’re trying to go for a natural, realistic, environmentally friendly, and rustic look then bamboo is the best choice for you!

  • Price

As I said above, bamboo grows quite quickly which makes it really easy to produce in bulk with minimal impact on the environment. Another benefit of this is that it also makes it super cheap. Spending less on your bamboo fence, allows you to spend more on other places in your lawn that require more attention!

Bamboo is also super easy to transport as it’s just a bunch of straight sticks. All aspects of bamboo make it inexpensive overall which is why it’s such a great option for fencing in terms of pricing! Also, because bamboo is so sturdy, it’ll last for decades which means you have to spend less on upkeep for your fence which is another place where you get to save more money! 

There are also many manufacturers that sell bamboo fencing which makes it even cheaper due to all this competition! (source)

How Does A Bamboo Fence Make My Exterior Look Better?

When I was looking into new fences, I wanted to know how a bamboo fence would help my exterior look even better compared to some other fences. So, I went on a search for every bamboo fence I could find and tried to imagine it with regular fencing.

And I finally realized the design potential of using bamboo! I looked at many examples where people surrounded their whole property or just a tiny part of it but in almost all cases, it just made so much sense. Even some people I talked to have told me how they switched from regular fencing to bamboo fencing because of how amazing it looks!

It truly is an amazing way to make your house stand out among millions of houses. Listed here are a few reasons as to why bamboo fences are a beauty:

  • Hide ugly stuff

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has something on their lawn that just destroys the look of the rest of the lawn. Maybe you have an AC or another machine or a pool or something you just can’t remove due to various reasons. Well, the best way to cover any of these things up is to use some bamboo fencing.

This is the best way because it’s cheap and easy to do and it gives your lawn a much cleaner and better look because nobody likes seeing messy things. Bamboo is also generally quite tall so you can cover up even taller structures and make it harder for people to see what ugliness is going on inside!

Another thing you could cover up is any gardening equipment you have laying around or even the garden yourself! Covering a garden will keep out pesky wild animals that you don’t want going on and trampling all of your crops. The uses of this are endless!

  • Brighten the looks

Imagine you have your friends or even your boss over for a party, and they see your fence. Do you think they’ll ask more about a regular fence or about your unique bamboo fence? Of course the latter! It gives people something to ask about and shows them that you really put work into making your lawn presentable.

The rustic look of it also appeals to many people and gives a nature feeling that humans are accustomed to biologically! You might even get that next promotion just because of it.

  • Renovate without much work

Most people looking to install a new fence, most likely already have an old fence set up. Well, bamboo is amazing at modifying your current infrastructure! If you bought your house decades ago, the cheapest way to update the fence would be to use bamboo! Attaching it to older structures is relatively easy because of how easy it is to work with.

If you have things like concrete, cement blocks, gates, wood walls, drywall, old wooden fences, or even chainlink fences, you can just attach bamboo to it and it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve done your entire life! It’ll give your lawn a new look while being even cheaper as you didn’t have to build anything and it’ll also be super quick as all you have to do is attach it!

If you have pre-built posts, you can also use those to hold the bamboo which is another reason why it’s so great and amazing. It’ll just make your renovation so much easier compared to other types of fences.

  • Build new spaces

Going back to the part about hiding ugly stuff, you could also build a new enclosure using bamboo and make a new space out of it. Do you want to make a tiny shed or a tiny area to store something? Just use a couple of bamboo sticks and build it. You could even build a fortress or a treehouse for the kids which would be amazing for getting them out in the open.

If you have pets, you could let them out into the open into an enclosed area so that they don’t go running to random places. There are so many things you could make and the possibilities are endless!

What Type Of Bamboo Fence Is The Best?

There are many options that you can choose to buy bamboo which makes sure you get something that suits your house and lawn. Each type has its practical benefit along with different aesthetics that slightly vary the vibe it gives off. Another great thing about this is that you could even paint the bamboo to get any look you want! 

  • Color

One of the most common types you can get is just straight up natural fencing but you can also get different colors such as black if that’s something that suits your house more. Some companies even offer fences with burnt lines on them which gives them a super unique look. Other companies will offer their own unique designs to suit your house! Make sure to check with the local companies to see any designs that suit your house. 

From lighter to darker, to sturdier, to taller, you can get almost anything you want which helps you achieve the perfect look for your house along with that rustic look!

  • Sizing

Sizing is arguably the most important thing that’ll matter when buying a bamboo fence. You need something that is the right height and width to make sure it fits any structure that you already have! The most common size is 1 inch diameter which is roughly 2.54 cm. This will vary from country to country so make sure to ask local companies around you. The fences are generally made side-to-side and can be held together by a foundation at the bottom or wire that surrounds the sticks.

Another well known size is 0.5 inch diameter which is just the previous size but split in half. Some people prefer half of the bamboo to have that straight edge on one side while the other side is rounded. It’s all up to your preference and what will suit your house the best.

Most bamboo fencing will last 10 years but this can be greatly expanded with the proper care and climate conditions. The best part about this is that it’s super cheap to replace if something ever does happen. There is an abundance of bamboo which will make it super cheap to replace in the future if something does happen.

You can also get panels of fencing that you just unroll and stick on a post. This makes it so much easier to install but it takes away that rustic feeling that you get by using regular bamboo. Again, the choice is yours to make and will depend on what design you’re looking for. 

Preparations For Installation Of The Bamboo Fence

After you’ve decided what the best type of fencing you want along with the sizes you want, it’s best to get prepared with all the tools and equipment you’re gonna need to start installing these bamboo fences. You can make your own creation or search for fences by other people for inspiration.

A couple of tools you’re gonna need:

  • Assortment of typical tools
  • Screws 
  • Shovel
  • Extra pieces of wood
  • Level
  • Gloves
  • Bamboo fencing (duh)
  • Concrete

Some of these things are only needed depending on how you are doing your installation which means you won’t need all of these! So, first read on ahead and see how you will be installing your bamboo fence to get a better idea of what you’re going to need. You could be installing this on a brick wall, on a chain link, or anything else! I’ll lay out some basics for you so that you can install it anywhere.

However, before we get to the installation part, make sure to measure out your area so you know how much fencing you’re going to need as this is the most important step. Make sure to consider all the factors such as the height and width so that you don’t overspend on anything. I suggest measuring everything twice so that you have the right measurements and then taking those measurements to a company to get precise fencing.

How To Install The Bamboo Fence

The time has come, you’ve collected everything you need and you’re mentally prepared to finally start building the fence but there’s one last thing you need to decide! The way you install the fence will depend on where you’re planning to install it. If you already have a structure that you’re going to install it to, that’ll change how you do it and changes the tools you need.

Here are some common ways people choose to install their bamboo fencing too:

  • Freestanding

This is just plain old bamboo with no pre-standing structure.

  • Old wood fencing

Many people have pre-existing fencing that they wanna renovate and this is a great way to do it.

  • Chainlinks

Chainlinks is another thing that a lot of people use because it’s so easy and cheap.

  • Rock wall

This one is much less common but don’t worry I’ll show you how to upgrade it too!

Once you know which method you want to use, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Make sure you’re completely ready and can work without distractions.

New bamboo fencing

This is the most labor intensive method as you have nothing to build upon but don’t worry I’ll guide you through it! Some companies offer rolls of bamboo that make installation super easy so I’ll be using one of those to make it simpler. You can find them for quite cheap and they make your life a whole lot easier!

  1. Build the foundation

This step is why building it from the start can be much more labor intensive as you need to build the basic frame that is required for the fencing. Now, to make this even harder, the way you build your foundation will depend on where you live as every place has a different building code. 

Make sure to talk with someone who knows the building codes in the area to understand what you can build and cannot. Another thing that affects the foundation is how you want it to look. Personal preference will also play a huge part as you need to decide things like how tall, wide, and what color you want the frame to be.

I’ve seen some people straight up put bamboo into the ground and call it a fence but that just doesn’t provide the stability that you would get from using a frame. A frame is more useful when you’re using a roll of bamboo as it gives it a way to stand up. The most common frame is a 2 by 4 frame which helps to keep your fence strong vertically and horizontally. 

Again, the most important thing will be what your building codes are as you don’t want to get into a conflict with your city as that will bring many more problems. Look around to find the building codes first so you can decide how big your foundation will be. Your personal design should align within the building code and should be something that suits your property.

  1. Make holes in the fencing

After you’ve finished building the foundation, the next step is to get the bamboo ready to be attached to the frame. As with any type of wood, making holes beforehand helps to reduce the chances of any cracking or splitting when you are screwing in the screw. The screws that you insert in later can split apart the thin bamboo due to the turning motion. 

Having the holes pre-made helps quite a lot and reduces any chances of this happening. Make sure the holes are every 10 inches or so to have the best strength. If you feel like you need more holes, just add them as there is no right or wrong with how many screws you need. 

  1. Drill fencing to foundation

The last step is easy, once you have your foundation set up and the holes drilled in, just get someone to hold the fence to the frame and start screwing it in. You can use any type of screws you like but just make sure they are the right size for the hole you drilled and aren’t too long. 

The last step is to stand back and admire the beauty you’ve just built! You’re done installing your bamboo fencing!

Bamboo fence on a wooden fence

This is one of the easier methods to install bamboo fencing because most of the work has already been done for you! Your previous wood fencing should have a frame that you can just reuse for the bamboo, which means you don’t need to get any building codes or build anything.

Here is how to install it on wooden fencing:

  1. Prepare your bamboo

As every manufacturer sells their fencing in different ways, make sure to prepare it by taking off the packaging and unrolling it. Hold the fencing up to the frame and see if the dimensions are right or make any adjustments if needed. It might be different for you but most fencings come with a cover on one side to stop any dirt or moisture from getting in and getting stuck inside the fencing so make sure to remove that before installing it.

  1. Make the holes in it

Just like before, you want to make holes beforehand for your screws that you use later on. This is a step done with all types of wood and helps to prevent any splitting from happening. Wood has a unique grain where it can split if you put a screw into it so you prevent that, we need to make an opening for the screw to drill into. 

Make the first hole about 10 inches from the top and keep spacing them 10 inches between each other. This allows for proper strength for your fence and if you feel like you need more holes, then just add them!

  1. Attach bamboo to frame

Here comes the coordination part! Hold your bamboo to the frame and attach it using the holes you made earlier. The type of screws you choose is totally dependent on you and should be something that suits the color and design of the frame. The one thing that you need to make sure is that the diameter of the screw is the right size as the hole, and that the screw isn’t too long. 

If the screw is too long, it’ll come out from one side and completely ruin the aesthetic of the fencing but you also need to make sure they aren’t short enough as this will make it so they don’t even hold the fencing in place. You can find screw caps that hide the screw and give it a more colorful look so that you don’t have to buy decorative screws which are generally more expensive.

That’s how you install bamboo to an old wooden fencing! Sounds easy right?

Bamboo fence on chainlinks

Compared to installing bamboo on a wooden fence, this method is even easier! For this method, the tools you’re gonna need are a bit different. You will need a couple of zip ties and a pair of scissors to cut off any extra length of zip ties. After you’ve got your tools, it’s time to start building!

Just a small note, some people prefer to remove their chainlink fencing if they’re gonna be installing new fences but that is a personal preference. If you want, you could remove them and follow the method of installing new bamboo but that makes it much harder. Again read both methods and see what suits you best as some people don’t like having the chainlink as the backdrop for their fence.

  1. Prepare your bamboo 

Just like before, make sure to have your fencing ready and have all the covers removed. You could also wipe down the fencing if you want it to have a more fresh look. If you bought a roll, make sure to unroll it and lay it against the wall for better installation. The covered side usually faces up to prevent any dirt from going inside the fencing but this isn’t something you need to worry about as long as you do the installation quickly.

  1. Attach it using zip ties

This is the easy part! Compared to drilling in screws, all you have to do here is put a zip tie around the bamboo and around the chain. Make sure to pull the zip tie so it tightens. You can try to get as many bamboos in one tie or as little as you want. Preferably, it would be best to loop only one per bamboo for the maximum support but you need to make that call based on your climate and needs. For an extra tip on this, read below in the hacks section!

  1. Cut off the extra length

Cut off any extras that are left as you don’t want random wires poking out. Make sure you tightened them completely first as you won’t have extras to tighten later on and you might need to use a new zip tie!

Ah didn’t that feel even easier? That’s it for installing bamboo to chainlinks!

Bamboo fencing on a rock wall

This one is quite similar to attaching it to a wooden fence except you have one extra step. Again, some people prefer breaking down these brick walls to have a cleaner look but that’s something you need to decide and make sure it aligns with your building code.

Another thing you need to consider is if your wall is too short, you might need to do some adjustments or start off new as a short wall won’t be able to support the top parts of a fence if your bamboo is taller. Make sure everything is tall and a good height to support the bamboo, if not, try a different method!

  1. Screw the frame to the wall

To help support the bamboo, you’ll need a foundation that can hold it up. Just like in the first method, you will need a 2 by 4 frame which needs to be attached to the wall. Using a drill and some screws, drill the frame onto the wall along where you were planning to install the fence. Make sure not to crack the wall too much and create too many holes as that can be a place for tiny animals to hide in.

After the first step, just follow steps two-four from the wooden fence method, and that’s all you need to do to install a bamboo fence to a stone wall. 

Tada! You installed a fence and learned 4 different ways to do it. Now, this isn’t the simplest task and can be quite intensive if you’re doing it the first time. Below are some tips to help you out and make your life a bit easier. 

Hacks To Help You While Installing Your Bamboo Fence

As you’re installing your fence, you might be thinking of ways to make your life a bit easier even if it saves you a couple seconds. Well, while I was installing my fence, I learned a couple of tricks that I used to speed up more work and I’m going to share those with you!

  • Roll for chainlink

Instead of using individual bamboo sticks and attaching them, again, individually. You could use a roll of bamboo fencing and attach that on either side and attach the middle for good measures. This makes it way easier and faster and gives a much more cleaner and subtle look. No need to go to each stick and tie it separately! Now, some people might not prefer the look that this gives and they might want the more rustic look from regular sticks.

  • Wires for chainlink

Another thing you could get is bamboo that is connected through a wire! So, all you have to do is connect the bamboo using that wire instead of connecting it individually. This gives you the rustic look while also reducing your work. It also makes it look a lot more cleaner and subtle as you don’t have a zip tie going around every stick which can make it look obtrusive. This will also save you a bunch of zip ties and make it easier to replace the fencing in the future.

  • Clearance

Whatever method you use to install the fencing, make sure to leave an inch or two under the fence so that it isn’t in contact with the water from the ground. Bamboo is also wood which is a biodegradable product and will decompose if left in water for too long. A little bit of rain is fine but keeping it submerged in water for a long time isn’t a great idea. You can make your measurements so that it’s a bit shorter or you could just cut it off later using a saw. 

Another way to prevent the rotting is to use some plastic material under the bamboo to prevent contact with water or other elements so that it doesn’t decompose. A plastic bag would work wonders or even a huge plastic tarp just to cover up the bottom!

  • Helper

While installing the fence, there are many things where you might need more than two hands. For example, holding the fence up while you drill in the screws or holding it down while making the holes. Things like doing the measurements are done better with two people to avoid any mistakes. Find someone that will help you with these things and give you a helping hand when you need it! Another person being there also helps to make sure the whole fence is straight and isn’t tilted as they can stand back as you install it. 


I hope this guide on how to install bamboo fencing was useful to the people out there trying to save some money and install a new fence all by themselves. Installing a bamboo fence certainly isn’t an easy task but it’s doable with the right equipment and help!