Ryobi 18v Vs. 40v String Trimmers: Best For Lawns!

There are different types of string trimmers sold out there in the market to help turn your garden into that lush paradise you’re dreaming of but some of them sre so expensive that its not worth having after all. 

However, if you are looking for a trimmer that is specially built to give end users a great option of functionality, the Ryobi brands of string trimmer actually fits into that description. With its super lightweight, long-lasting and durable models including the ryobi 18v and 40v – for cutting tall grass or weeds around your house, homeowners and professional landscapers can now confidently own a trimmer that they can easily handle, maneuver and does not cost them an arm and a leg.

If you are planning to invest in a weed eater using the Ryobi trimmer can save you so much time and efforts, however, the brand has many products under their label and the most popular ones are the Ryobi V18 model and the Ryobi v40 model both models are ideal for specific tasks like working them on small, medium or large yards.

This comparative guide will show you the difference and similarities between these two ryobi models, so that at the end you can easily choose which of them will work best for you based on their strength and functionality. 

so if you’re wondering if the ryobi brand is a good option for you this guide should be a good starting point for your research.

Differences Between The Ryobi V18 And The V40 String Trimmers.

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  • Both good but choose one for your needs
  • There are lots of similarities between the models that come from the Ryobi company including the way the tools are built, but here we will describe some differences and also similarities including what you need to look for if you are looking for the right string trimmer for your yard.

    Battery Voltage

    The voltage of the two brands are quite different as one is lower than the other, the V18 is not as powerful as the V40 simply because the battery cells in the v40 is more than what is packed for the v18. Typically what this means is that the more battery cells that are packed in a battery the higher the voltage. So in this case, the Ryobi 40v string trimmer has more power capacity than the 18v

    Battery Ah

    Same also is the Ah or simply put amp (per) hour which indicate the amount of charged cell that is in the battery, so the higher the number, the more energy that is found within 

    and this stored energy is what determines the performance and run time of the trimmer.

    To make a good calculation between the Ryobi 18V and the 40v – the combination of the Ah and the voltage is how the gas tank of each trimmer can be measured

    Therefore the calculation goes thus:

    Voltage x Amp-hours = watt-hours. so for example, if an 18v trimmer has a 1.5 Ah battery the gas tank will be about 30-watt hours and a 40v trimmer with 2.5 Ah battery will have a 100-watt hour gas tank. This translates to mean that the Ryobi 40v trimmer will work for you 3 times longer on a single charge than the smaller 18v trimmer.

    Also, put – more watt-hour = more gas and longer use time.

    In addition to the 40v trimmer having a bigger gas tank and a longer run time, the 40v trimmers also have more power to cut through long grass and wet weeds. Sometimes the output of the Ryobi 40v is almost the same as the gas-powered tools.

    Cutting Width

    The cutting width of both the 40v and the 18 v are not the same, while the Ryobi 18v is ideal for homeowners with small backyards the v40 is perfect for working on larger fields. So while the cutting diameter determines the cutting swath the trimmer can make, for instance, the Ryobi 18v comes fitted with a 10-13 inch cutting width the 40v has 13-15 inch cutting width. So if you are planning on working on your small yard and tight spaces then the Ryobi 18v is just perfect. But for a larger property and you are looking for a trimmer with efficient performance, a model with a cutting width of at least 13 inches is recommended.

    Feed Line

    String trimmers come with either a single trim line or a double trim line depending on the power of the trimmer. Small yards can take advantage of the single trim line because it’s quite easier to wind when installing the trimming line but if you want to work on a large property and you’re looking for a tool that cuts faster a dual-line is a better option since the dual-feed line can cut twice faster with each revolution.

    What this means is that for most Ryobi 18v comes with a single feed line while the double-feed line is associated with the Ryobi 40v string trimmers.


    The weight is also a major factor to put into consideration when looking at the difference between these two Ryobi models. For the Ryobi 18v, it comes in a lightweight of 6.65 – 8 lbs for both battery-powered and gas-powered in most cases while for the 40v models its weight ranges from 8 to 11.5 lbs. The good thing about these two models is that they can both be carried around the yard and they are not as heavy as some brands in the market.


    The prices for string trimmers ranges for both models, for instance, the Ryobi 18v string trimmers range from $40 to $100 – just for the bare tools while the kits range from $70 to $160 with a single battery and the charger including the trimmer. On the other hand, the Ryobi v40 is more expensive and the cost for the bare tool ranged from $60 to $130 depending on where you purchase it from and the kits are between $130 to $200 but with different battery capacity.

    How to Choose a Weed Eater

    There are different types of string trimmers with great features that can make just the impossible task looks so simple. And that’s the kind of trimmers you should be looking for in the market. The Ryobi V18 and v40 are two of the best option if you have a small backyard or a large acre to work on because they are specially built with power and efficiency. simple!

    Here are a few more reasons why you need to choose either of these powerful tools for your landscaping (cutting tree limbs, thick grass, and weeds)

    Cordless vs. Gas-Powered

    If you have a large property to maintain, then you need the one with the more powerful battery, and that’s the v40 models. It comes in both the gas-powered and battery-powered. This is ideal as it has a bigger gas tank or better watt-hours.

    If you’re choosing the gas-powered trimmers, for example, you might also like to have alongside an ear protection device because they are so loud especially the Ryobi v40.

    For the Ryobi cordless models, it will be nice to have a second battery on standby in case your trimmer ran out of power, and this is very common when working on large areas

    Straight-Shaft or Curved Shaft

    We can’t say one gives better results more than the other because the two trimmers are specially built for specific tasks. if you are going for any, here is what matters – straight shaft is most ideal to cut underneath bushes, while the curved shaft for is ideal if your cutting requires quick maneuvering and light cutting.

    Cutting Radius

    If you’re looking to buy a trimmer with more trimming control over your plants and flowers, then the Ryobi 18v is your best option because it has a smaller cutting radius compared to the Ryobi v40 meant for a larger backyard or a big property where your trimmer needs to cut down a large amount of tall thick grass and weeds. so the Ryobi v18 is fine for people who want to work on their small yards while the 40v is ideal for landscapers or hired contractors for large trimming projects.

    Dual-Line vs. Single-Line Heads

    The simple difference here is that the Ryobi 18v comes in single line heads which makes it easier to add a new trimming line while the Ryobi 40v is built with double line heads which trims faster and cut twice on every turn.

    Automatic Feed Head, or Fixed Head

    The lines in the trimmers need to be changed time to time and you can do this in two ways the easier way which involves you is softly bumping the cutting head on the ground and you can have new lines from the pool or you can look for one that you will need to fx with your hands and you will need to this often at every task that might take some cuttings. So for convenience’s sake, we recommend going for the double head string trimmer.


    The weight of the trimmer is also a big factor to consider when choosing the right weed trimmer – in that you need to find a trimmer that is easy for you to carry around and won’t make you gasp for breath quickly or weigh you down easily. For instance, the gas-powered Ryobi trimmers are lighter than the battery-powered because the battery packs used for these trimmers are in some cases heavy duty ones and they weigh a lot.

    So there’s no logic in acquiring a weed eater you can lift because it saps your strength and stamina, so if that is your case, you can opt for trimmers that are lightweight and are under 6 pounds.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the Ryobi brands are household products that are widely used in almost every home across the country, so it means that you either have the Ryobi 18v if you have a smaller yard or you have the bigger and more robust Ryobi 40v if you are managing a large property. Whichever case may be owning a Ryobi product is a good investment if you’re looking for a tool that can make your garden work easier.

    Our Pick!

    So here is our top pick between Ryobi 18v vs. Ryobi 40v string trimmers

    For those who want to look at it from the price angle and including the features, the Ryobi brands of 18v models are just right. This is because the trimmer is very versatile as it has an engine that handles normal grass cuts, and also has an auto feeder including being a lightweight string trimmer.

    If you are looking for a premium choice that is built with special power to cut through thick bushes and trees with attachments and accessories, the Ryobi 40 v string trimmer is what you should aim for. Its engine is powerful with lots of unique features that can only be found in premium tools; for instance, it is fitted with a dual-line head, powerful cordless battery, variable speed trigger and two different speeds (high and low) meant to handle tougher landscape, rocky and stickers terrains

    However, if you are on a tight budget and you will like to take advantage of a string trimmer to work on different tasks, then the lightweight Ryobi 18v should fit into your budget as it can easily be converted to an edger which makes it a 2-in-1 trimmer. This is just great value for your money.

    In conclusion, comparing the Ryobi 18v vs 40v is not the best way to really appreciate the strength and functionalities of these individual tools, the reason is that they both have their pros and cons that makes them top picks in the market. 

    Apart from the fact that one is more expensive and comes with a bigger battery power, there is no much difference between these two brands in form of functionalities and versatility. They are both rugged string trimmers that can serve you for a long time if well maintained and they are not as expensive when compared to other brands of string trimmers out there.