Scotts Vs. Vigoro Fertilizer: Ultimate Comparison

Keeping your lawn looking healthy and green is quite a demanding job especially as you will need to keep up with maintaining it throughout the year. So if you think all it needs to maintain a lawn is just water and a quick mow, you are in for a surprise as your lawn might start experiencing brown color patches and being threatened by dandelions weeds popping up everywhere. This can be a bit overwhelming at first especially if you don’t know what to do in such a situation. 

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  • Owning a Lawn

    And if you decide to visit a retail store to find a solution to killing the weeds growing on your lawn, you likely might get more confused as you might be faced with varieties of all-in-one solutions to solve your problems, ie if you have some cash to spend.

    There are lots of brands that can come to your aid, however, two of these brands stand asides from the rest – Vigoro and Scotts are two major brands that are very popular among homeowners and landscapers to take care of your garden and lawn. 

    These brands offer solutions in forms of grass seeds, fertilizer, and herbicides. However, whichever brand you decide to go with, how well your lawn responds to treatment is relative to how well you care for it although constant watering on your lawn ensures good seed germination and a good and healthy start for your lawn.

    How To Care For Your Lawn.

    If you are not sure of the right ingredient to apply to your lawn to turn it to lush green vegetation, you can talk to an expert first and get his recommendation on a personalized lawn care plan to help you choose the correct product to help you achieve a healthy-looking lawn. You will get first-hand information on the status of your current lawn, the varieties of grass available – Bermuda, fescue, southern lawn even the bluegrass, and what tools you might need to help out with maintaining the lawn. The information is not that difficult to grasp but a pointer in the right direction if you care about using fertilizer for your lawn the first time.

    Liquid And Granular Choice

    For different lawn size coverage and effective application, we have the liquid and the granular types of fertilizers with each of them having their set of properties to treat your lawn. 

    To ensure an even spread of coverage the granular types will require you to use a spreader because they most of the time have different mixes of nutrient needs and also can allow the mixture of insect or weed controls. 

    However, the drawback to using a granular type of fertilizer on your property is that at times, the feed’s nutrient does not reach the root of the soil except you have to apply the fertilizer in a manner that will make for a longer feeding window.

    The liquid fertilizers on the other hand, which is always the favorite choice for faster results are quick to penetrate the soil with an even coverage or penetrate through the grass leaves.

    How To Choose The Best Grass Feeds For Your Lawn

    Choosing the best grass feeds for your lawn shouldn’t be a hard thing to figure out, if you’re set to purchase your grass feed fertilizers here are some consideration to make

    What is your lawn condition?

    For the overall care of your lawn, you need to consider the weed infested areas, color of your grass and also how thick the grass you’re working on is. How you care for your lawn including the type of feed will determine how quick the issue will be solved

    What is your grass type?

    There are some people who just believe all grass are the same, It’s possible that the type of grass you have is specific to the part of the world you live due to climate conditions and or a big yard, you sometimes might find more than one type of grass species growing in there.

    Are you using a spreader?

    If you have a spreader then the application of granular fertilizer  to grass roots is not strange to you, however, there is no one spreader that fits the varying grass feeds, so some grass feeds might likely not work with your spreader

    Although the overall result is supposed to be the same- Which means that you need an even spread fertilizer over the yard, including how fast you’re about to complete the task and how the machine is set to spread the feeds are what will determine how successful your feeding is. 

    Lawn Size?

    The size of your lawn will also determine the process of application of the fertilizer.

    If your lawn is big it will be more expensive to maintain and will be tedious to work on, this is one factor to also consider when choosing your fertilizer

    Seasonal Feeds

    The grasses have different fertilization needs and these needs have to be performed differently throughout the year. This means that the application of fertilizers to the grass will depend on the type of grass in your home and you will need to apply different fertilizers to the ground multiple times and not have to apply one type of fertilizer all year through. 

    One mistake that is common among many people is to use the same fertilizers on the same grass year after year. This way it’s more like you are wasting the fertilizer as some grasses need specific fertilizers to grow at one point of their growth than another type of fertilizer at another stage of their growth. 

    so it’s advisable to use different types of fertilizers multiple times per year.

    Weed Control

    If you have abandoned your lawn for a long time, you might likely have weeds taken over the lawn except you have a thick lawn. 

    But if you’re just growing your lawn you might have weeds taking roots withing the garden and this can cause some problem because once the weeds start germinating, they can multiply very fast, more than the grass does and can take control of the vegetation and kill the grass that should be there. This is why you will need to have a weed preventer.

    The best way to treat your yard from being weed-infested is to lawn your weeds regularly or lawn it when you have to fertilize the grass with a fertilizer that also doubles as a weed controller. Some fertilizer brands offer these types of both fertilizing your grass and at the same time killing the weeds.

    Insect Control

    An insect can and will affect the way your grass grow in the sense that, they feed on the soft grassroots cutting off the grass nutrient supply and turning your grass into dead areas of grass or kill the grass completely. so treating your lawn for critters while feeding it with fertilizers is a good option to make sure your lawn is not infested with bugs and crickets

    ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur RatingBuy here!
  • Hold moisture longer
  • Slow-release
  • Richer grass
  • Cheaper
  • Better for most people
  • Vigoro or Scotts – Which Performs Better?

    These two are giant fertilizer brands that both have their ups and downs and its effectiveness can differ from one use to another, for instance, some users might find Scotts very effective while others might find the Vigoro lawn fertilizer a good fit for their need.

    You also need to know that your region and the type of grass you want to nurture will determine the type of lawn fertilizers to use. 

    To get a better understanding of the type of grass you have and the lawn fertilizers to apply, it is recommended that you talk to a manager of a nearby nursery shop and have a chat with them. 

    So we aim to make the best recommendation which we say will depend on the specific needs of the owner.


    Similarities in Vigoro and Scotts is that both have grass seeds for different lawn conditions. Both of these brands also tend to beautiful fescue blends that flourish in covered areas, also on tall fescue blends that thrive well during drought, heat, and even foot movement.

    So, for Scott lawn fertilizers it offers a coated grass seed that can take in and hold moisture longer which can help in the germination and also reducing the initial care that comes along with growing a lawn. They come with slow-release lawn fertilizers


    Cost is an essential factor to consider between vigoro or Scotts and picking the right fertilizer. If you consider its frequent use by lawn owners – as some apply it on their lawn two to three times and at times four times every year, it can add up to make it quite expensive. 

    For instance, in some stores, the 10-pound sun and shade grass seed of both Scotts and Vigoro is not the same, the Scotts is a bit on the expensive side. 

    So for people with large property size, buying from expensive brand names might eat very deep into your pocket, it should, however, be noted that the most important reason to buy a perfect fertilizer is to have one that has a decent notoriety and is very practical. 

    Vigoro fertilizers are affordable and can handle big yards.

    So again if you want to like treat up to 5,000 sq. ft you will need like $16 to buy a 15-pound, 15lbs Vigoro fertilizer and this 

    means that for every 100 sq. ft. of treated grass, that’s like spending 30-cents. If you use the same calculation on Scotts fertilizer consumes less but makes up for it with its grass care plan that makes picking a compost and a bolstering plan to fits your need.

    Users Experience

    Many online reviewers agree that Scotts fertilizer offers richer, dull green grass that consumer loves. For instance the Scotts Turf Builder is specially formulated to go straight into the root of the grass faster and killing all the weeds where it is applied. 

    This formula is ideal if you’re just growing a lawn as it can keep new weeds far off your yard.

    For the Vigoro fertilizer, does in its own right have noticeable effects on aesthetics according to online users, they say that using the vigoro fertilizer makes their lawn lusher and it also eats up the weed in the yard which makes it also perform pretty well against Scotts. 

    however, the Vigoro fertilizer feed is a bit bigger which might cause it not to quickly get to the root of the grass – unlike Scotts.

    Correct Usage

    There is no ideal way of using fertilizer. Both the Scotts and the Vigoro fertilizer can be applied to the soil in the same way. You just need to make sure to make early preparation of the soil and use the drop spreader to spread the grass seed. 

    In the package direction, you will need to make sure the seed is properly mixed with the soil maybe by raking the seed lightly or use a mower to ensure a proper mix. Then you cover the seeds by adding layer (very thin) of dirt. moisture the soil two or three times daily with a gentle sprinkler until you see the seeds coming up.

    It’s advisable not to apply the fertilizers when there is a forecast of rainfall because it will be washed away even before it starts germinating.

    How To Choose The Best Lawn Feed For Your Lawn

    There are so many brands of fertilizers out there on the market that all claims to work wonders on your lawn, so if you think your lawn deserves some manure to bring out the radiance in your plant, it’s important to first know which of these brands will be ideal and bring out the best results for your particular need. Here is some consideration to thinker on before choosing which fertilizer brand Scotts vs vigoro should you opt for.

    Your Lawn Condition

    Different variables will help you to determine the right fertilizers for your grass, for instance, how thick are the grass in your lawn, the color of the frass, and how wide the weeds had taken control of your grass, these variables helps to determine the overall care of your lawn. You get the best out of your lawn if you can address these issues and also follow up with treatments and feeding, you can reverse a worse lawn to turn green and beautiful again.

    Type Of Grass

    Some people just assume that all grasses are the same, Well they are not. There is specific grass that grows in some particular area, for instance, the kind of grass that might grow easily in your area might be the thick type while the tall thin grass might be for some other areas. Chances are that your type of grass might be different and more specific to your region and if you have a very large yard, it’s possible to have more than one type of grass type.

    Need A Spreader?

    If you’re using a spreader, then you are going to use the granular type of fertilizer, and it’s important to know that the type of spreader you’ll use will determine the type of grass feed you feed it with. however, whatever type of grass seed you use you need to be sure that it’s spread evenly over the yard so you can achieve good grass growth. You can use a liquid fertilizer if that suits you the most.

    Size Of Your Lawn

    The size of your lawn will greatly affect how you want to apply the fertilizer because there are different methods of fertilizer application and some are quite more expensive than others while some can be more tedious to carry out than the other, so this is an important factor to consider before buying your choice lawn fertilizer. It’s also very important to look at the cost of applying different fertilizer that will be enough to cover for the whole area of the lawn, this is so very important if you have a very large yard to take care of.


    The sun factor is also a good factor to consider when choosing the best grass seed for your lawn, including your location and how 

    often the yard will be trodden on by people. For shady areas, you can count on the Fine fescue to work very well. Tall fescue on the other hand tolerates drought and the Bluegrass is a lush green grass that survives on lots of water and fertilizer. 

    You can as most people do buy a blend of different grasses for the best result you want in a lawn. 

    You can also discuss your lawn problems with an expert and get a custom blend fertilizer specifically designed for your need.

    Conclusion on Vigoro VS Scotts Lawn Fertilizer

    If you are looking for a clear winner between these two brands, it will be a very close win because they both have the same features and works well for the same results. But if I have to choose one, I will rather go for the Scotts lawn fertilizer mainly because it is better and still has almost the same feature and application as the Vigoro. 

    The Scotts lawn fertilizer is renowned and has lots of positive user experience even more than the vigoro fertilizer. But if you have a large yard you need to consider the cost of maintaining the yard with frequent application of the fertilizer on the grass throughout the year, so to save cost, I will go for the vigoro.

    However, before you finally make a decision, it is recommended to do your research on the best fit of lawn fertilizer for your lawn. And this is not that difficult to do, your local garden supplier is your best expert to help you out here, just take a sample of your grass and ask them to analyze it to know the best fertilizer that will help it grow quickly.